Corvallis Against Fascism: Fall 2021 Field Guide


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Corvallis Against Fascism

Field Guide – Fall 2021

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About us:

CVAntifa is an Antifascist collective operating in Corvallis, Oregon since 2018. We began due to an extreme increase in local and regional far-right activity, as well as neo-Nazi attacks on minority and left wing groups. We aim to serve Corvallis and the Willamette Valley by providing accurate intel about fascist and far-right organizing, disrupting their activity, and providing community defense.

CVA has been a part of the Torch Network, America’s most prevalent Antifascist coalition, since 2020.

Find our work at and @CVAgainstFash on Twitter

Find Torch at

If you see Fascist activity in Corvallis, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at


About this guide:

This guide exists to give

readers a better understanding of the fascist and racist individuals and groups operating in and around Corvallis. This is not an exhaustive report of local or regional activity, but rather a quick introduction to acclimate those unfamiliar with the situation. If you have any questions about this guide’s content, please contact us.

More information about most of what is listed here can be found at


Fascist groups:

The following groups are have been active in and around Corvallis within the last few years.

The Proud Boys:

The Proud Boys are a militant far-right group with many white nationalist and neo-Nazi members. The Proud Boys have been extremely active in Oregon since 2015. They can frequently be found engaging in violence at rallies in Salem and Portland.


The 3% is the largest right-wing militia in the US. It is fractured into numerous sects, and many members do not engage in political activity. Militia members have shown up armed to numerous protests across the state.

Patriot Front

Patriot front is a white nationalist group that grew from the ashes of Vanguard America, another neo-Nazi org. The group typically engages by putting up shitty stickers around OSU’s campus. They are not a major physical risk.

Oregon Patriot’s Militia / O.D.I.N:

OPM / ODIN are passion projects started by local bigot Ben Baker. They have no legitimate street presence, but Ben and friends have made serious threats against locals and showed up to IRL actions.

Vinland Elite Productions

VEP is a neo-Nazi black metal label run in part by sex offender Paul Bonnen. Paul has also used the names Xenocide and Kulturkampf Productions in his ventures


Notable Fash:

Ben Baker:

Benjamin Baker, aka Angel Cullen, is a white supremacist from Corvallis. He is affiliated with the Proud Boys, Oregon Patriots Militia, and O.D.I.N.. The latter two are self-created groups that have little organizational presence outside of Ben and his roommate Kyle Bonham (see below).

Ben has a documented history of violence and preying on children. He once petitioned the state of Oregon to allow him to have a romantic relationship with a minor. He is currently awaiting trial after attempting to shoot someone during an altercation. He currently lives at 970 NW Garfield Ave. #9 and is employed at the Safeway on Philomath Blvd. Read our piece about Ben at


Kyle Bonham:

Kyle is the roommate of Benjamin Baker. He frequently particiipates in Baker’s harebrained schemes, and has joined him in harassing BLM and other leftist events. Kyle is a domestic abuser and a stalker who has a documented history of violating restraining orders and strangling his romantic partners. He currently lives at 970 NW Garfield Ave. #9. Read our piece about Kyle at


Bartholomew Degeneffe:

Bartholomew Degeneffe is a white nationalist based in Corvallis. CVAntifa exposed him back in 2019 when he attempted to infiltrate and “redpill” members of the local conservative community. In messages he sent to a sock account, he revealed himself to be a fan of Adolph Hitler and Nazi websites. He is also close friends with notorious Nazi organizer Andrew Oswalt (more late in this guide). He currently lives at 329 SW 6th St., apt. F and is employed at the Safeway on Philomath Blvd. Read our piece about Bart at


Paul Bonnen:

Paul Bonnen is a neo-Nazi pedophile who has lived and organized around the Willamette Valley, but who often stays with his mother on the 1700 block of Menlo Ave. He is affiliated with the NSBM (National Socialist Black Metal) scene. He has played in the bands Xenocide and Immortal Pride. He has also helped run the labels Kulturkampf Productions and Vinland Elite Prodictions.  Bonnen is a 2nd degree sex offender who was convicted of raping a minor after getting them drunk. He drifts from town to town, but can often be found driving and living out of a green minivan with the plates OR – WMD941. Read our piece about Paul at


David Woods and Andrew Oswalt:

David Woods and Andrew Oswalt are two infamous neo-Nazi organizers and former Corvallis residents. The pair were both members of the group “Oregon Aryans” that organized throughout the Willamette Valley. Both attended numerous neo-Nazi demonstrations, and participated in racist stickering campaigns. They worked with infamous neo-Nazi Jimmy Marr to disrupt the 2017 Corvallis Solidarity Fair with anti-Semitic propaganda.

Read Rose City Antifa’s pieces about David at  and about Andrew at


Fascist symbols:

[Pictures of the following fascist symbols in rows]

Row1 (Pagan Fascist) : Mjolnir, Algiz, Odal, Wolfsangel, Sonnenrad

Row2 (neo-Nazi) : SS Bolts, Totenkopf, SS Shields, 14/88

Row3 (racist music) : Burzum, Skrewdriver, Xenocide (local), R.A.C.

Row4 (misc) : Fasces, Celtic Cross, KKK Blood Drop Cross. Kekistan flag


Local Fascist Propaganda:

The following are examples of racist propaganda that have been found around town. If you see this shit, please report it to us immediately. See our suggestions for submitting tips at end of this zine.

[Pictures of the following: Patriot Front stickers, Anti-Com stickers, pagan nazi graffiti, It’s Ok To Be White posters, Swastika stencils]


Anatomy of a good tip:

[Picture of an email addressed to CVA with arrows pointing to different parts of the text detailing different aspects of a good tip: Where you saw it, When it happened, What you saw, is it Common?, Photo]

hi, i saw a bunch of swastikas spray-painted on an elextrical box outside an apartment complex on Hayes between 9th and 10th st. it probably went up overnight because i didnt notice it when i waked by yesterday. it was really shocking; i’ve never seen anything like that around there before

[Picture of nazi graffiti]


When reporting people, a good acronym to remember is SALUTE








[Picture of an email addressed to CVA with arrows pointing to different parts of the text detailing different aspects of a good tip: Size, Activity, Location, Uniform, Time, Equipment]

hey, im not sure if you’ve already heard about this but right now there’s a guy standing by himself in front of the bi-mart on 9th and circle carrying a sign that says “antifa lets talk” he’s got a handgun on his belt so idk if thats what he’s really looking for. idk who is is cuz he’s got a green bandana on as a mask but you’ll notice him right away; he’s really obvious, wearing camo shorts, some kind of body armor. I was driving but here’s the best pic i could get.

[Picture of Ben Baker doing what was described above]

Back Cover:

[Picture of one of our stickers with the following text]


Report fascist and racist activity to


Find our work at


COMMUNITY ALERT: Kyle Bonham Domestic Abuser and Fascist Collaborator

Kyle Bonham is a Corvallis-based Fascist sympathizer who actively collaborates with neo-Nazis. To understand Kyle, you need to understand his roommate, Benjamin Baker. Ben is a neo-Nazi Proud Boy with a history of extreme violence. We have posted two articles about Baker in the past that can be found here and here.


We first documented Kyle collaborating with Ben in the spring of 2020, when the pair attempted to harass and intimidate a Black Lives Matter protest outside of Benton County Courthouse on 5/31/20. Individuals in the crowd recognized Ben from his history of child abuse, and promptly kicked the pair out of the rally.


The two attempted a similar stunt in front of the city hall on 7/29/21 during a sleep-in protest held by Corvallis Housing First, a housing advocate group.  The protest was done in solidarity with the unhoused community in Corvallis, who have been subject to a brutal regime of sweeps at the hands of the city government and ODOT. During their stunt, Ben proudly carried the, “No Quarter Flag.” The website that sold them this flag describes it as “signify[ing] that no quarter will be given. When translated into modern language, this means that captured enemy combatants will be killed rather than taken prisoner.”

Last year, Ben was arrested after an altercation downtown where he fired his gun, likely with the intent of murdering someone. He is still on trial and his next court date is in December. Ben was disarmed and detained by heroic bystanders, but we suggest that anyone who interacts with him treat him as though he is armed and dangerous.


Domestic Violence:

Like many of his fashy ilk, Kyle has a long history of domestic violence. He was arrested and found guilty of strangling and beating his girlfriend in 2010, and later violating a restraining order against him. He has repeatedly caught charges for harassment and violating his probation.

The many faces of Kyle Bonham


Kyle constantly posts creepy stalker shit about his ex on Facebook. He also makes frequent posts about how he’s a deadbeat dad who isn’t allowed to see his kids and how lonely he constantly is. Maybe if Kyle wanted to be a better parent, he wouldn’t live with Ben Baker, who literally petitioned the state of Oregon to allow him to date a child in which he discussed his sexual fantasies with said minor.


Kyle posting creepy shit about his ex:

(there’s wayyyy more of this, but most of it includes personal details we will not share here)


Kyle being lonely:


Kyle posting about beating his children:


Nazi Graffiti:

Ben and Kyle first began engaging with Corvallis’ graffiti scene in May when Ben sent us an email threatening the lives of two trans graffiti writers. Despite insinuations from the Fash, we want to make it clear that these individuals are not in any way associated with CVAntifa. We have since gotten in touch with the artists to discuss the threats to their safety, and per request, we will be censoring their names in this piece.

It was around the time of the initial email when we started noticing another one of Ben’s collaborators, Bartholomew Degeneffe, sticking up pictures of his face over these writers’ tags and stickers. Bart is a white supremacist who we exposed attempting it infiltrate and “Redpill” Corvallis conservative circles. We have published two separate articles about Bartholomew that can be found here and here. Bart and Ben both work stocking food at the Philomath Boulevard Safeway.



The paper stickers Bart uses originate from his workplace. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Safeway has been using a system of paper adhesive nametags to clock employees in and out. When workers clock in, they have their picture taken and their temperature checked. This information is put on an adhesive name tag they then wear to work. Bart rips the corners with his face off of these nametags and sticks them up along with racist slurs.


We began seeing swastika stencil graffiti pop up in town around August of this year. The first instances we documented were at the 900 block of NW Hayes and Corvallis High School, both within a few blocks of the apartment Ben and Kyle share. The graffiti has gradually become more widespread, however it is primarily centered around Ben and Kyle’s apartment and Bart Degeneffe’s house near downtown.


The Swastikas started popping up right around same time Ben’s public rhetoric made a sharp turn to overt Nazism. Ben has flirted with neo-Nazi ideology for years, but has typically claimed in public that he is simply an American patriot. However, starting in late August, he began making TikToks advocating for Adolph Hitler and suggesting his followers read Mein Kampf and The Protocols of The Elders of Zion.



Another large piece reading, “Better Dead than RED” with two swastikas was found in front of the Philomath Boulevard Bi-Mart which is in Sunset Shopping Center, the same complex as the Safeway where both Ben and Bart work. Next to this piece was a sticker for the neo-Nazi group Patriot Front. A sticker for the group was also found posted along with one of Bart’s face nametags downtown, indicating that he is likely prospecting for the group or collaborating with its members.


We have also documented the swastika-writers using the same distinctive colors of green and yellow paint in the same shitty handwriting to harass one of the writers threatened by Ben’s initial email. These specific colors of paint have not been documented being used by other local writers, which suggests this piece can be specifically tied to Ben and the rest of his friends, and not another graffiti beef.

The same colors can be seen in another TikTok from Baker. On 9/20/21 he filmed himself displaying anti-vax banners in front of the Corvallis sign. The same colors and shitty handwriting can be seen one one of these signs.


On 9/15/21 the Corvallis Advocate published an article regarding this graffiti. In it they also reference that the people behind it have also defaced Stop Line 3 signs. On 7/18 Ben made a TikTok claiming that he has taken some of these signs, and planned to sell them off. This is further proof of connection between himself and the graffiti.


This isn’t important for the point we’re making, but the same TikTok features Kyle stanced up like an absolute jackass in front of a Confederate flag.


Given all of this evidence. It is pretty clear that Kyle, Benjamin, and Bartholomew are associated with this rash of racist bullshit. We highly suggest concerned individuals contact all of their employers to let them know about their hateful activities. Links at end!

We reject the Advocate article’s framing that the Corvallis Police and city are effectively addressing this problem. They have known about the activities of Ben and Kyle for years, and have allowed them to continue with impunity. Our crew connected the pair to the swastikas on twitter weeks before the article even came out, and they have taken no actions to investigate. At the same time, Antifascists, graffiti writers, and normal residents of Corvallis have been doing more to remove this trash, all the while being criminalized by the State. We want to offer our wholehearted thanks to the local graffiti writers and other comrades who have been taking this garbage down alongside us. The cops and city do not protect our community. We protect us!


The addresses of those referenced in the article can be found here:




Kyle Bonham is currently employed as a Fuel lead at the Fred Meyer gas station on 9th. Call 541 753 4319 to let them know they are employing a fascist and domestic abuser.


Benjamin Baker and Bart Degeneffe are employed by the Safeway on Philomath Boulevard. Call 541 738 2100 to let them know they are employing Nazis.


Contact Fred Reynolds from the Sunset Shopping Center and let him know that his property is being defaced by Safeway employees: 541 325 4409



Oops, I Did It Again: More WLM Logs Published

Last month, White Nationalists tried and failed to host, “White Lives Matter” rallies across the country. Ourselves and other antifascists released their chat logs and seized their channels. Tomorrow, on May 8th, the same group of dorks is trying to do this again, and we’re here once more to provide you with those sweet sweet receipts. Today, we are once more publishing the telegram logs from one of the group’s admin “baskets” as well as the Oregon channel. If you are a journalist or an activist who would like to access these logs, please send an e-mail to with a brief explanation of who you are and why you would like access.

WLM claims to have made significant improvements to their operations security since their last rally was completely compromised. However, their attempts have been completely in vain. They have set up a basic, easy to infiltrate, vetting processes, and have divided the group’s administration into several different admin “baskets” that they put on timers. This has done nothing to deter ourselves and other antifascists from infiltrating their groups and identifying their members. The actions of this group’s leadership have endangered their members, and will continue to make them the laughingstock of the White Nationalist community. WLM is organized into different telegram channels based on state and country. Each of the individuals we mention below administrates their state/country’s channel, and is working to plan an event in that location.

The WLM movement has been a destination for washed up nationalists from groups across the country. One of the most unique elements of it is that it is a very big tent, and features everyone from normie Trump militia guys to hardcore siegepilled neo-Nazis. Usually these groups do not interface, but this appears to be appears to be an exception let’s take a look:

The new leader of the North Carolina group is a member of the American Patriots III% militia using the name Joe Whiteshark. A brief look at his social media profiles reveals him to be a pretty typical MAGA boomer. This is somewhat concerning because it shows that WLM’s attempts to engage with and radicalize conservatives that we discussed in our last article on the group.


Another person from a civic-nationalist background operating in these channels is Vito Russel aka Telly Salavas, a Proud Boy from Michigan, who we referenced in our last article. The Proud Boys have been prevalent in WLM chats since the beginning. Their participation in this movement and collaboration with overt neo-Nazis reveals just how false their claims of racial egalitarianism are.


One group that doesn’t seem to have much interest in WLM is Patriot Front. One of their members using the handle @RooftopAryan is in charge of the Texas channel. Patriot Front, correctly realizing that WLM is a sinking ship, chose to discipline him for his participation with the organization. He then sent screenshots from Patriot Front comms into the Admin channel.


On the most extreme end of WLM is the California leader using the name “James Fraiser,” who posted siegepill literature in the channel he admined. The siegepill movement is an incredibly violent neo-Nazi tendency that originated on the Iron March forums in the 2010’s. The movement spawned violent terrorist groups like Atomwaffen, Freurkreig division, and The Base that have been tied to several murders. Several of the books boosted in the WLM California chat were published on the Iron March forum and advocate mass murder of non-whites.



Interestingly enough, one of the main differences between this event and the last one is the presence of several high profile Australian Fascists in administration roles. The Australian channel is admined by Thomas Sewell and Jaz Searby.


Thomas Sewell is the leader of the Australian group, “National Socialist Network.” For many years, his claim to fame was that he’d attempted to recruit the Christchurch Massacre shooter into his organization. A video of him sucker punching a black man and shouting slurs recently went semi-viral. He is admired by many in the chat. At one point, he advocates that men in the channel beat their wives.


Jarrad “Jaz” Searby is the leader of the Borderlands Proud Boys chapter in New South Wales. He and Sewell work together to administrate the Australian channel. Searby got some national attention in Australia when he and some fellow Proud Boys filmed themselves threatening random people who’d criticized their group at their homes and businesses. The videos garnered high praise from Proud Boys Chairman (and Fed snitch) Enrique Tarrio, who described them as, “amazing.” It should come as no surprise that Aussie Proud Boys are working with open neo-Nazis, since their American counterparts have been exposed for it more times than we can count.



Like many of the loops, the Oregon one is rife with extremely violent rhetoric and hatred. Neo-Nazis operating in the loop have used it to attempt to radicalize conservatives into even more hateful ideologies. In this interaction, several neo-Nazis attempt to convince a MAGA guy that comparing Kate Brown to Adolph Hitler is bad because Hitler was a good guy, actually. One of the users pictured (@killdozer1488) is the admin of the Washington channel who claims to be an ex-volksfront from Vancouver, Wa.



We are also excited to bring you the logs from the Oregon channel and it’s vetted chats. Let’s talk about some of the Oregonians involved in WLM:

Rynne McCoy Cowham of La Pine, Oregon was active in the chat under the username agent156 and has claimed she would attend the Salem event. She has previously been written about for her role in fascist organizing by Move Silent_Sam.  Cowham was reportedly involved with both the first and second Unite the Right rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia. She appears to be heavily associated with White Nationalist lawyer Augustus Invictus and is on the board of directors of his website Revolutionary Conservative which she also provides IT work for.


Sheldon Harding is a member of the Oregon WLM chat who rather unwisely used his real name as his telegram screen name. Equally unwise was the choice of profile photo matched between his telegram and facebook. He is a crane operator from Idaho, formerly associated with IUOE local 370. Although he only infrequently contributes to discussions on telegram, he has leveraged his son and daughter’s enlistments in the Navy to position himself as an expert in world affairs. He is currently residing in Keizer, OR with his wife Shellie.


Katja Korell is a German immigrant living in Salem, Oregon. She operates in the telegram group as, “@SnowWhite131.” As can be seen from the above screenshots, Katja is a fervent White Nationalist and supporter of Adolph Hitler. According to her, she is not involved in political organizing inside  Salem, but this is definitely one to look out for.



White Lives Matter 4/11

On Sunday 4/11, White Nationalists are expected to mobilize in a “White Lives Matter” march in several cities across the country. This event was organized on Telegram and was widely circulated in White Supremacist circles on beginning in late March. We have obtained logs from the, “ADMINS OF WLM ZONE” chat, where individual march leaders coordinated and planned their actions.We are sharing these logs with interested journalists and activists. If you would like access to them, please email us at and offer a brief explanation of who you are and why you want access.


This event has been fraught from the beginning. The channels are full with constant bickering and infighting about a wide variety of topics. Foremost among these is optics. The main organizers of the event are very intent on keeping the rallies “optical”. They beg participants to avoid using swastikas and neo-Nazi imagery. In public facing communications, they routinely assert that they are not Nazis and are simply, “normal white people” standing up for what is right.


However, behind closed doors, their actions tell a different story.  In the admin chat, march leaders freely use neo-Nazi symbolism and rhetoric.  The organizer of the Raleigh, NC rally,  “ϟϟRide_The_Bolts ϟϟ” even uses the logo of the National Socialist Order, an Atomwaffen splinter group. The Orange County organizer, “Your Fuhrer” also uses a swastika pfp and appears to be with a group called the, “American National Socialist Party.”


These chats are also thoroughly populated with Proud Boys, which raises significant contention due to the (accurate) perception that the organization is closely tied to0 the Feds. Some in the admin chat express concern that the PBs are not a white enough organization. The leader of the (now cancelled) Western Kansas march , “J.W.” pushes back on this. He claims that he is the leader of a PB chapter and that his chapter is, “WHITE only.”



One of the most prevalent posters and admins of the public chat is a Michigan Proud Boy using the name, “Telly Savalas.” He is insistent that the PBs not be mentioned in any organizing channels. He says that his lack of optics got him demoted from his leadership position in his chapter, and that he has been doxed and disciplined at work for his affiliations. If you know who this fella is, shoot us a message, and we’ll be sure to make his life even harder…

EDIT: Telly has been ID’d as Vito Russel from Sterling Heights, MI.


Debating the Proud Boys isn’t the only infighting going on in this chat. Everyone is constantly accusing someone else of being a Fed or Antifa. While we can’t speak to Federal involvement, Antifascists have already done an excellent job infiltrating and disrupting the event. Several channels have already been revealed to be Antifa-run ops, and even more have had members be doxed. Antifascists have been able to gather tremendous amounts of intelligence from this movement, and more will come out of the archived chats. Before this event has even occurred, it’s shoddy opsec and harebrained planning have done tremendous damage to White Nationalist movement.

If you want to help further that damage, request the logs from and get to it!

Biome Erickson and FreeJaCo: Hippie Nazis Run Amok

NOTE: This is piece is published in collaboration with our comrades Rose City Antifa. This article is a followup to their recent piece entitled, “Biome Erickson and Gregg Marchese – Southern Oregon Neo-Nazis Use COVID-denialism to Radicalize and Recruit” from earlier this week.  We highly suggest readers check out that article before this one for context.

Keith Michael Erickson better known as, “Biome Erickson” is a longtime antisemite and neo-Nazi organizer from Ashland, Oregon. Biome initially rose to prominence in the city as a frequent independent political candidate in the early 2010’s. His runs were largely symbolic and were seen as an amusing sideshow a-la Hunter S. Thompson. At the time, his politics were not particularly vile. He espoused crunchy hippie rhetoric, and advocated against mass media. He was viewed as a harmless joke by a majority of the community, and was even profiled by Comedy Central in a segment regarding silly political candidates.

Biome in 2012, before becoming a public neo-Nazi


Through the 2010’s, Biome’s politics morphed into something significantly darker. In 2013, he began producing his own community television show, “Constitutional Republic Now!” through Rogue Valley Community Television. His radicalization can be tracked by episode titles evolving from “GMO free Jackson County” to “Repeat After Me, ‘Zionist Hijack Of America'”. Rogue Valley Community Television continued to support Biome with invitations to “Producer Appreciation Night” in 2016.

A Photograph posted to Facebook by Rogue Valley Community Television in 2013.


Gregg Marchese has long been Biome’s partner in racist organizing. Originally an anti-vaxxer and anti-GMO activist, he was drawn into the world of antisemitic conspiracy theories and later became a full blown Nazi. In December 2018, Gregg and Biome were banned from a synagogue in Ashland after they harassed attendees of a discussion regarding the rise of antisemitism.

Biome disrupting a discussion about rising antisemitism in Ashland


In response to the pandemic, Biome, Gregg, and several other friends created a telegram group called FreeJaCo (short for Jackson County) with the intent of radicalizing COVID-19 deniers to adopt racist politics. They viewed this as an opportunity for them to replicate their on paths of radicalization from woo-wee hippies to genocidal neo-Nazis.

At first, it may may seem somewhat strange that there is intersection between these ideologies. However, the history of links between holistic hippie culture and Nazism are far more prominent than the average observer may realize. Esotericism and conspiricism have been key parts of Nazi ideology dating back to Fascism’s rise in the early 1900’s, when lies about German Jews controlling the economy blended with a re-popularization of occult spirituality. This lead to the creation and perpetuation of numerous outlandish conspiracies about Jewish control of the media, government, and society as a whole.

In the years since World War II, these conspiracies have remained ever-present, but have been warped in strange and insidious ways. This is the reason so many meme-y theories about lizard people, 9/11, and George Soros almost always end up being thinly-veiled antisemitism. This can be seen really clearly in the All Gas No Brakes video where Andrew visits a flat earth convention. He goes expecting to find harmless goofballs, but is instead confronted with a world extreme antisemitism and hate.

Conspiracy theories like these have been ever present within the New Age movement, which now is deeply tied to COVID-denial, anti-vaccination, and other assorted nonsense. We aren’t claiming that everyone involved in New Age spirituality is a secret neo-Nazi, but many adherents, like Biome and Gregg, are drawn to antisemitism through the movement. In the following screenshots from another Telegram channel entitled, “Make America Fascist Again”, Biome discusses his intention to redpill normies via COVID-denial.


During the summer of 2020, FreeJaCo began organizing in earnest. They coordinated mass testimonials at Jackson County Commissioner meetings, and began attending protests. A more complete timeline of the group’s activities during this time can be found in the Rose City Antifa articles in this series.

Biome testifying at a County Commissioner meeting in a video uploaded by Kevin Goodrich


The group’s actions drew the ire of Ashland residents who began confronting them in the streets and eventually at one of their meetings in Lithia park. The confrontation is documented in a video by Sailor Boy Media, an Ashland-based documentary film-making group. Ashland Anti-Conspiritualists attempt to hand attendees of the meeting flyers about the Nazi organizing history of Biome and Gregg Marchese. FreeJaCo members begin shouting at, physically threatening, and coughing on the activists.



The following are members of the FreeJaCo chat. Not all of these individuals are neo-Nazis like Biome and Gregg. However, they all pose significant danger to their community and Oregon as a whole.

Kevin Goodrich:


Kevin Goodrich aka Kevin Gee aka, “Colorblind Justice” is a boomer antisemite and conspiracy theorist from Central Point, Oregon. He has been active in southern Oregon conservative circles since the Tea Party, and is a longtime associate of state senator and Republican party treasurer Dennis Linthicum. In one 2014 video posted to Facebook, the pair can be seen having a friendly discussion regarding states rights and the dissolution of the federal government.

A screenshot from Linthicum’s conversation with Goodrich. Full video is available upon request


It is interesting to note that Linthicum is also Facebook friends Gregg Marchese. Like many of the neo-Nazis profiled in this piece, the Senator has a long history in the anti-vax movement. In one video, posted to Youtube by Kevin Goodrich, Linthicum can be seen speaking at an anti-vax conference in Medford in 2019.


Kevin runs the website where he posts about conspiracy nonsense and his love for the State of Jefferson, a secessionist movement that aims to make a new US state out of Northern California and Southern Oregon. He often posts antisemitic content and is a believer in the New World Order conspiracy theory.


His posts in FreeJaCo aren’t much better. He reveals a deep hatred for Black Lives Matter and Black people in general.


Goodrich owns, an independent distributor for AMSOIL. Please reach out to AMSOIL and ask why they’re working with this fascist.


Julian Feldman and Tarah Green:


Julian Feldman and Tarah Green are a cringey trustafarian Anarcho-Capitalist couple from Ashland, Oregon. Anarcho-Capitalism is a bastardized version of Anarchism that is frequently associated with white supremacy. The tendency is dismissed and disparaged by nearly every self-respecting real Anarchist.

Tarah goes by, “Omens of Alchemy” online. She sells Tarot readings and other spiritual services using that name. She runs a youtube channel that features the couple traveling across the country to various hippie-centric destinations. One video features the couple promoting 9/11 conspiracy theories at ground zero on the 18th anniversary of the attacks. Another shows them attending and interviewing participants in the God Guns and Liberty rally in Eugene, a homophobic right wing counter-protest of Eugene’s Pride celebration.

Like many of his cringey AnCap brethren, Julian is a full blown cryptocurrency dork. He posts about bitcoin and crypto trends under the name TheCryptoNecter. It is somewhat ironic that these eco-conscious hippies are so into Bitcoin given that mining the currency wastes as much electricity as is consumed by the entire country of Argentina.

In 2019, the couple preformed at a Politicon event hosted by Christina Tobin, the organizer leader of the Free and Equal Elections Foundation.


When confronted by Ashland Anti-Conspiritualists, both Tarah and Julian threaten the videographer, and Tarah assaults them by coughing on them. After her assault fails to dissuade the activist, she gathers the group together in a hand-holding circle with the intention to ward them off.

The group holding hands in a circle


The couple is currently living off the grid near Jacksonville, Oregon. They have been known to stay and host events at Alpha Farm, a hippie intentional community in Deadwood, Oregon.


Sonia Novik:

Sonia Novik aka “Sonic Nova” is a self-described. “Psychic, Medium, Medical Intuitive, and Relationship Expert” operating in Ashland, Oregon. She is one of FreeJaCo’s most 〰️creative〰️ conspiracy theorists. She issues wild claims such as Oregon’s wildfires being started by deep state energy weapons and that the UN is working replace county sheriffs with robots. She also believes in the antisemitic New World Order conspiracy theory.

Sonia testified at several Jackson County board of commissioners meetings about her anti-mask position. She also claims to have spoken with the Jackson County Sheriff regarding not enforcing the Governor’s mask mandate.


Zach OBrien:

Zachary Obrien is a self-described Christian Fascist based in Williams, Oregon. His is a genocidal antisemite and all-around piece of shit. In the FreeJaCo channel, he states that the 3rd Reich was a justified reaction to Jewish people’s existence. At one point he also requests the names and addresses of OSHA employees, presumably with the intent of doing them harm.  Zach is so repugnant that he eventually got pushed out of the Telegram channel for bullying other members.

Across social media, he uses the handles zorbacci and zorbaccio, which he uses to post generally gross and biggoted shit.


Gia Radoias:

Ligia “Gia” Radoias is the owner of Melange, a bougie vegan restaurant in Medford, Oregon. The FreeJaCo group began meeting at Melange because of an anti-lockdown flyer posted on the restaurant’s door. They met Gia and later welcomed her into the group chat where she would gradually become one of the most extreme members. At one point, she even suggests that the group murder Oregon Governor Kate Brown.

By running her restaurant in unsafe ways and collaborating with violent neo-Nazis, Gia has significantly endangered the community of Medford. We ask concerned readers to leave a review on their Yelp or Trip Advisor profiles to spread the word about the harm they are causing.


William G. Soura III:

William Gary Soura III aka Vasily Sora is a Eastern Orthodox fundamentalist from Grant’s Pass, Oregon. Online, he uses the handle khronosschoty under which he works as an open source dev. He briefly ran a blog entitled “The Guardians of Piety” where he wrote about theology.

On Facebook, Soura expresses Confederate sympathies, and posts white supremacist messages.


Jacob Cox:

Jacob Cox was one of the first members of the FreeJaco chat, and was one of its most prolific posters. Like his friend Julian, Jacob is a crypto dork who uses the online handles infinitechaos and infinitechaos777. Like many, he expressed belief in various conspiracies, and organized some of the group’s actions. He is a former resident of Talent, Oregon until his house burned down during this summer’s wildfires. Cox and his family are currently staying in Piedmont, Georgia with extended family.


Tam Masdon:

Tam Masdon is COVID-denier from Ashland, Oregon. She can be seen in the aforementioned Sailor Boy Media video confronting and harassing the antifascist activists. Later in the video, she can be seen comforting Biome and touching his shoulder.


Despite her collaboration with neo-Nazis, Tam appears to be somewhat active within the Southern Oregon LGBTQ+ community. We highly suggest that this community keep their spaces safe and remove Tam from any spaces she’s a part of.



Residents of Ashland Oregon, we ask you to continue to make these people unwelcome in your community. We want to express our deep thanks and appreciation to everyone who’s been fighting back against these Fascists on a local level, and we hope more join them. It is important to push back against hatred wherever it arises, whatever the circumstances.

If you have further information or questions regarding the subjects of this article, please contact us at or Rose City Antifa at Rose City Antifa will be back next week with the third and final installment in this series.

Due to the publishing constraints of this platform, we are unable to feature everything we want to in this piece. For more information, go HERE



COMMUNITY ALERT: Paul Bonnen and Vinland Elite Productions


Extreme CW: Child Molestation, Rape, Racism, Self Mutilation,  etc.

Paul Bonnen is a National Socialist Black Metal Musician(NSBM) who is organizing in Corvallis and other towns in the mid-Willamette valley. Paul is a longtime fixture in the Oregon Nazi metal scene. Most recently he has played in the band “Xenocide” under the name Kulturkampf Kriegshetzer. He was previously involved with bands like “Echo of Emptiness” and “Immortal Pride” as Dragur. These bands incorporate neo-Nazi propaganda in their music, with songs like “White Alliance Against Z.O.G.” and “Jew’s Last Breath”. “Z.O.G.” refers to “Zionist Occupation Government”, a neo-nazi conspiracy theory that claims the United States government is secretly controlled by Jewish people.

He was also a member of Volksfront, a defunct neo-Nazi skinhead gang that originated in Oregon prisons in the 1990s. The gang has been connected to numerous violent hate crimes, including multiple murders. Volksfront dissolved in 2012 after the Wisconsin Sikh temple massacre, when it was was revealed that the shooter had connections to the group.

In addition to Paul’s Nazism, he is also a rapist and registered sex offender. In 2012, he was given two years’ probation for getting a 16-year-old girl drunk and then raping her. You can read more about the case here. It is not uncommon for fascists to be pedophiles. Local Proud Boy, Benjamin Baker also has a history of relationships with underage girls.

Paul is currently trying to start a record label called Vineland Elite Circle with Donovan “Donnie” Sagan. Donnie is a NSBM musician originally from Temecula, California. A collage featuring Facebook messages Donovan sent someone has circulated around the internet as a cringe-post for several years. In the messages, Sagan tells the recipient that he wants to make a band and inherit the legacy of GG Allin. He sends pictures of himself covered in self-inflicted cuts, and claims to have eaten his own shit and to have mutilated his genitals. He also says that his new band will feature, “rape, child molestation, scat, blood, racism, etc.” Donovan Sagan was last sighted in Albany, Oregon.

Extreme Content Warning

An images of disturbing messages sent by Donnie Sagan. Note the Xenocide logo in his Facebook banner image.


Donovan’s tinder profile


Vinland Elite Circle’s current lineup of bands includes Xenocide, Aryanwulf, Alocer88, Gunnolf, and Heldenland. All of these bands are overtly National Socialist, and feature racist themes in their music. The label also sells shirts featuring a portrait of Adolf Hitler. Their website is hosted by Please contact Wix and alert them to the dangerous neo-Nazi shit they are promoting with their services.


Paul is currently living out of motels in Newport, Corvallis, and Monmouth. He drives a beat up green minivan, and has been seen with a pregnant redheaded woman. If you have and information about the whereabouts of Paul Bonnen or Donovan Sagan, please reach out to us at

Paul has previously been featured in articles by Rose City Antifa and Eugene Antifa. The Eugene article discusses his relationship with Gina Marie Stroud,

Birthday: 04/25/1989

5′ 8″


COMMUNITY ALERT: Safeway Nazis Ben Baker and Bartholomew Degeneffe

Benjamin Baker and Bartholomew “Bart” Degeneffe are Fascists organizing in Corvallis. We have published articles about each of them in the past. This article features new and updated information regarding both of them. For this reason, we highly suggest reading each of those pieces for context.

The original articles can be found here: Ben BakerBartholomew Degeneffe


Since our previous articles’ publishing, Ben and Bart have started to collaborate to disrupt local BLM protests. Here they can be seen at the protest on 9/26/20 protest where they harassed and attempted to intimidate protesters at the Benton County Courthouse.

Ben and Bart haven’t just protested together, they’re also working together. Both are employed at the Safeway on Phillomath Boulevard. Please reach out to Safeway at 541-738-2100, and ask them why they are allowing multiple Nazis to work at this location. If you don’t want to call, you can also reach out to Safeway Corporate HERE.

Ben, in particular, has had an eventful past few months. On May 3rd, he attended the #ReOpenOregon rally in Salem while carrying an AR-15 and wearing a plate carrier without any plates in it (smh). We chronicled the rally’s links to organized fascism in this article from April 30th.

Ben also attempted to intimidate a BLM protest in Corvallis on May 31st. However, community members recognized him from our original article, and forced him to leave the space. Here, he is pictured wearing military fatigues with another man in a matching outfit. If you have any information about the identity of the other individual, please reach out to us at



Another fruitless intimidation attempt from Ben occurred on July 29th. He posted up at the intersection of 9th and Circle wearing ugly cammo shorts, and carrying a handgun and a flag. He stood there for about an hour before going home dejected. Despite the obvious silliness of the situation, it’s important to note his wearing a Hawaiian shirt. The shirts have become a symbol used by the Boogaloo Boys. The Boogaloo is a right-wing extremest movement dedicated to starting a second civil war. It’s adherents have been responsible for several murders and other acts of terrorism in 2020.

More recently, Ben was arrested on several felony charges after attacking someone near the Corvallis skatepark. Ben attempted to shoot someone, but was quickly disarmed and knocked conscious by bystanders. He is currently facing charges of menacing, reckless endangering, unlawful possession of a weapon, and unlawful use of a weapon. His next court date in scheduled in early February.

We will continue to report on Ben and the results of his trial. Until then, If you have any information about Ben Baker or Bartholomew  Degeneffe, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

An uncensored version of the flyer at the top of this article is available HERE. Please print and distribute it as you see fit.

Fascist Free 503 on 1/1

On New Years day, Oregon Women for Trump is hosting a “Mass Civil Disobedience” rally at the State Capitol in Salem. This is the latest in a long line of far-right incursions into Salem. These rallies have resulted in extreme violence against the city’s marginalized population. It has become increasingly apparent that Salem’s law Enforcement has no desire to stop the tide of Fascist violence flowing into the city. For this reason, it is important for us to stand in solidarity with Salem and push back against this threat!

For years, Salem Police Department and other law enforcement agencies have showed favoritism towards violent far-right actors. This has only become more apparent in 2020. The problem is so egregious that a concerned Salem documentarian even put out this three hour long documentary chronicling the history selective enforcement of the law.


Since the beginning of the George Floyd uprisings, Salem has become a hotspot for far-right violence. Right-wingers have found too much resistance in liberal cities like Portland and Eugene, so they have pivoted their energy to terrorizing people in Salem and other small towns.

The first major right-wing event in Salem this year was an anti-lockdown protest organized by Oregonians Uniting For Liberty. We documented extensive ties between the rallies organizers and violent Fascist organizations in this article from April, 30th. Spurred on by an increase in COVID-denial, Salem chuds started rallying around Glamor Salon, a business that refused to comply with state lockdown orders, and put public health at risk. During the first nights of the George Floyd uprising in the city, armed militia members provided “security” for the salon in an attempt to intimidate BLM protesters. Police Officers coordinated with the militia members to help them dodge the curfew they’d put in place to justify tear gassing left-wing activists.


The summer and fall have featured numerous far-right rallies  that have almost all featured extreme acts of right-wing violence. For comprehensive coverage of these events, we highly suggest watching the documentary we referenced above. Many of these protests have featured excessively violent unprovoked beatings like the ones in the twitter thread below.


On December 21st, far-right groups held flash-rally outside the Oregon state capitol in protest of the legislature’s special session. Tensions between law enforcement and protestors escalated, and ended in cops and right-wingers attacking each other with chemical weapons and White Supremacist Jeremy Roberts smashing a glass door to the capitol building. In times like these, it is important for us as Antifascists to understand that, even though Fascists and the state are occasionally opposed, we must remain resolute in our struggle to combat both of them. We highly suggest that our fellow antifascists familiarize themselves with the principals of the Three Way Fight.

Jeremy Roberts smashing the capitol’s door


Oregon Women For Trump are the primary group behind the January 1st rally. They have, for years, associated with and platformed White Supremacists. Early in the group’s history, one of their Lake Oswego rallies was attended by Steven Howard, a former KKK Grand Wizard.

Steven Howard and his neo-Nazi friends at an Oregon Women For Trump Event


On May 5th, 2019 Oregon Women For Trump hosted a “America First” rally in Eugene that was attended by violent White Supremacists like Gordon Cronk and Andrew Allwander. The rally ended after Cronk attacked a non-binary person much smaller than himself.

Oregon Women for Trump was formerly led by Emma Mitchem, a notorious bigot who is now organizing with the GOP in Georgia. Emma has been caught on camera calling a threatening a trans man and using homophobic slurs.

The many of the individuals involved in the Salem protest scene are, themselves, White Supremacists and neo-Nazis. These people are accepted into the community, and frequently engage in acts of extreme violence. Let’s take a look at some of the more prevalent Nazis organizing in Salem.

Eric Oelkers:

Eric Oelkers is a white supremacist who has been present at numerous fash rallies in Salem over the last several months. Eric was recently released from jail following a probation violation when he participated in an attack on a peaceful May Day celebration in Portland, Oregon. After a rally in Salem on November 27th, Eric stalked and threatened a person of color. He was later caught on security camera vandalizing a business associated with the individual he was harassing.

Eric constantly posts straight up neo-Nazi rhetoric on Facebook which has been thoroughly documented by our comrades at Rose City Antifa. According to his ex, fellow right-wing washup Katie Weisberg, Eric has swastika and 1488 tattoos, and abused her mixed-race child.


Despite all of this this, Eric is still welcomed in right-wing protest community. Here, he’s jokingly complimented on being, “Antifa’s most hated” by Audra Price, the leader of COPS NW, a major right-wing protest group.

Eric has taken part in several far-right rallies at the capitol including the on the December 21st when he was a part of the group that force their way into the capitol building. Here, he can be seen outside the capitol doors wearing an incredibly goofy cammo bucket hat that he thinks does a good job concealing his identity.

One of the more overlooked parts of Salem protests has been the presence of Patriot Front. Patriot Front is an overtly White Nationalist organization. It is a rebrand of Vanguard America, the group that murdered Heather Heyer during Unite the Right in 2017. Patriot Front stickers have frequently popped up around Salem at the sites of far-right protests. They have also targeted the same PoC-owned business as Eric.

The individual responsible for Patriot Front stickers


Jeremy Roberts

Jeremy Roberts is a Fascist organizer who has become central to the Salem protest scene. He is currently in jail after smashing windows at the state capitol during the December 21st rally. Jeremy is extremely violent, and has physically assaulted several people unprovoked.

Jeremy recently got out of prison in 2015. During his time behind bars, he was close friends with neo-Nazi spree killer David “Joey” Pedersen. Pederson and his girlfriend Holly Ann Grigsby were self avowed White Supremacists who carried out four murders in September of 2011. They were apprehended in Northern California on their way to murder,”a prominent Jew”.

Joey Pederson in prison, covered in neo-Nazi tattoos.

While in prison, Pederson started a gang called the”Aryan Soldiers” that required initiates to commit a stabbing in order to join. According to an article from PDX Monthly, Jeremy was friends with Pedersen in prison, however, it is unclear whether or not he was ever a member of Aryan Soldiers. In case the article is disputed, here are Facebook screenshots of Roberts referring to the murderer as his friend.


Like many of his fellow white supremacists, Jeremy is also convicted domestic abuser. He is currently on probation and is not allowed to have weapons because of his domestic violence. The following is a testimonial from a neighbor about Jeremy’s violent abuse.

Allen Pucket

Allen Pucket is an extremely violent neo-Nazi street preacher from Tillamook, Oregon. He publicly advocates against race mixing, LGBTQ+ rights, and Jewish people. He is a fervently promotes holocaust denial, and supports the white genocide conspiracy theory. He and fellow members of Hell Shaking Street Preachers frequent Salem rallies.

A brief selection of Puckett’s hot takes:

David Willis

David Willis is a long time associate of Patriot Prayer and the right-wing protest scene. He has publicly claimed to be a former member of East Side White Pride, a neo-Nazi bonehead gang responsible for the murder of Ethopian immigrant Mulugeta Seraw. He frequently posts antisemitic memes on twitter. David Willis is currently living in Lincoln City, Oregon, and is reportedly managing a HUD apartment complex. He has frequently been seen menacing people of color in Salem in his orange Jeep Patriot.

All of these White Supremacist individuals are welcomed and lauded by the Salem protest scene. Their presence is a testament to the true fascist nature of these groups. They are a home for neo-Nazis, domestic abusers, and violent racists, and must be treated as such. Here are several assorted Salem protest regulars who we suspect will be there on the 1st:


Daniel Tooze is a Proud Boy and failed state house candidate from Oregon City. He has organized previous rallies in Salem.

Carl “Flip” Todd is a longtime Proud Boy from Sherwood, Oregon. He was a part of the Malheur wildlife refuge occupation, and shares Patriot Front propaganda on social media.


Travis Taylor is a Proud Boy from Oregon. He has been filmed assaulting noncombatants at previous Salem rallies. During a rally on August 28th in Portland, Oregon, he broke a journalist’s finger by hitting him with a shield.


Mark Tracey is a weird COVID-denying boomer who runs a semi-defunct gym called Sharks MMA in Hillsboro, Oregon. He is hosting a wrestling event at the protest called, “Grapple at The Capitol”. The event advertises itself as, “No Masks Allowed”. He works as a Techforce Analyst at Salesforce, and also owns an IT company called Shark Industries.



James Jay Abney is  Proud Boy and frequent attendee of Salem protests by way of Oregon City. He has also flown out to attend MAGA rallies in Washington DC. Last December, he was arrested for violating a restraining order. He is currently working as an independent contractor. Please consider leaving him a review.

Garret Sipe is a Proud Boy from Newberg, Oregon who has attended several rallies in Salem. He works for Square Deal construction. Please contact them at (971) 832-0191 or and ask why they’re employing a member of  an SPLC designated hate group.

Tim Davis is a member of The American Patriot Society from Springfield, Oregon. He is a regular at far-right rallies all across Oregon. He is a White Supremacist who has participated in assaults on Black people.

Zina Bodunov is a member of Oregon Women For Trump from Canby, Oregon. She frequently attends Salem protests and fraternizes with Proud Boys.

Tyler Fraser is a Proud Boy from Salem, Oregon. He can often be seen at protests in the city.

Paul Davies is a Proud Boy from Oregon. He frequents Salem protests, and often runs with Jeremy Roberts.

These violent Fascists are attacking Salem again on New Year’s day. Groups on the ground are organizing a counter protest to these violent bigots. Please join them to defend the community from the Fascist threat.

Thank you to Rose City Antifa, Chud Trackers, Central Oregon Antifascist , and Willamette Valley Hatewatch for producing much of the intel we used in this article

Doghead Division

Doghead Division (formerly known as “Cult of the Doghead”) is a group based primarily in Texas. It bills itself as a network of veterans, first responders, and reformed criminals working towards self-improvement. This itself is an amiable goal, but something more sinister lies beneath the surface. The group is closely tied to Operation Werewolf (OPWW), a pagan neo-fascist group operating across America. All of the members of Doghead Division we identify in this article are also members of OPWW.

Operation Werewolf acts as a feeder group for the Wolves of Vinland, a white supremacist cult based in Lynchburg, Virginia.  OPWW’s name is a reference to a Nazi military plan orchestrated by Heinrich Himmler. The group has a reputation for extreme violence. They gained notoriety after one of their members, Maurice “Hjalti” Michaely was convicted of burning down a historic Black church. Just this summer, another OPWW member, Richard Bowman II, was exposed after coordinating violence at far-right demonstrations right here in Oregon.

More information about Operation Werewolf and the Wolves of Vinland can be found in this article by our friends at Rose City Antifa.



Doghead Division’s online presence is equal parts self-help blog and fascist radicalizing tool. The articles alternate between sanctimonious parables about self-improvement, and gratuitous fetishization of violent masculinity. They combine this with violent imagery and fascist symbolism.  The group’s blood-spattered aesthetic closely resembles that of “siegepilled” Nazi terrorist groups. We’ve juxtaposed examples of both below:

Doghead Division

Siegepill Propaganda


Using self-help techniques to radicalize and recruit has long been a tactic employed by fascists and the far-right. They target vulnerable and disaffected people with the intent to bring them into their movements. Operation Werewolf is practically built on this idea. The group lures alienated men with promises of community and self improvement, but ends up taking their time and money in a constant cycle of grift.

Like Operation Werewolf, Doghead Division’s beliefs are esoteric in nature. The group’s main premise is based around the idea of  Cynocephali or “Dog Heads.” Many cultures throughout history have had dog headed mythological figures (Anubis, St. Christopher, etc.). DHD believes that these figures are real, and can be tapped into by following their teachings. From the group’s website:

The cynocephali, the berserker, and the Dog Heads are not a myth. Though they go by different names in history, they are all too real. They are the werewolf that stirs in the heart of man. Those ancient tales represent what is possible through tapping into that primordial energy within the self and the Self. […] This is what we want to instill in you. We want you tap into that primal dog and summon him at will through mastery; through control.

In addition to their self help and spiritual content, Doghead Division dabbles in providing “tactical” advice to their readers. This advice is almost entirely foolish. Perhaps the most amusing instance of this is their harebrained article on opsec, which the group’s leader, Nolan Annett, ironically posted to an unlocked Facebook page that features his real name and employment information… smh.

Despite their obvious incompetence, Doghead Division provides a legitimate threat. The group is particularly concerning because of the way it actively attempts to radicalize veterans. This is a common tactic used by far-right extremists who want to bring people with combat experience into their ranks for a coming race war. The connection between neo-Nazis and military veterans is deeply explored in Bring The War Home by Kathleen Belew.


Nolan Annett:

Nolan Annett is the “brains” behind Doghead Division. He’s equal parts self-aggrandizing troop guy and Nazi occultist. Under the name “Cyno” he writes most of the articles on the group’s site. He is an infantry veteran and is currently employed as a paramedic. Nolan is a member of Operation Werewolf. He can be seen here posing at Ulfheim, the group’s headquarters. Several times a year, members get together there to listen to NSBM(National Socialist Black Metal), beat each other up, and preform goofy esoteric rituals.


Nolan’s personal spirituality is pretty disjointed. He discusses preforming norse pagan rituals, but also litters his writing with Bible quotes. In one post on his Instagram, Nolan even refers to Charles Manson as a prophet. In addition to coordinating his infamous murder spree, Manson notably attempted to incite a race war he called “Helter Skelter”. For this reason, in recent years, he has become a popular figure within neo-Nazi terrorist circles.


Nolan is currently employed as a paramedic with Texas Vital Care EMS. He also teaches classes at The Gym in Paris, Tx. Please contact both of these businesses at the links above, and ask why they’re employing a Manson-worshiping fascist.

EDIT: We have been contacted by the good folks at The Gym. They’ve let us know that Nolan was never officially employed there, and only worked as a guest instructor. They disprove of his conduct, and will not be working with him in the future.


Sean Tahtinen:


Sean Tahtinen is a longtime NSBM musician who goes by the name, “Verwulf Tyrant”. He is a member of Operation Werewolf, and is primarily responsible for Doghead Division’s artwork, which he produces under the name, “#978607”. Sean has a long history of extreme violence. In 2015, he broke into a woman’s home and threatened to murder her. According to the Muncie Star Tribune, he has previously been convicted of battery, battery resulting in bodily injury, burglary, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, and  intimidation. He is currently awaiting trial after pulling a gun on a man in Muncie, Indiana during a parking dispute.

Sean’s latest mugshot


Sean is associated with Donnybrook Farms and the Militant Ruralism movement, which we have previously profiled on this site. Militant Ruralism is an emerging white nationalist tendency that focuses on building heavily-armed compounds in order to control rural areas. In this Instagram post, he declares support for Donnybrook Farms and Wandervogel (another OPWW associated group).

Sean and his partner, Kandace Robinson,  are the primary organizers behind Black Sun Sect, a Rural Militant Farm in Pueblo, Colorado (more coming soon  ;P ).

More on Sean’s ties to white supremacists in the PNW can be found in this article by Eugene Antifa.

Steve Bitzko:


Steven Bitzko aka “Bitzkreig” is a CIFSO Police Officer with the Department of Homeland Security in Fort Worth, TX. He is a former paratrooper, and has been employed by military contractors like Dynacorp and Franco Consulting Group.

Steven is a member of Operation Werewolf. Here, he can be seen wearing an OPWW shirt while posing with Zak Wylde and Black Label Society (cringe lol). He also posts the writings of OPWW’s leader, Paul Waggener, on social media.


Steven has also suggested potential involvement in the Boogaloo movement. The Boogaloo is a right-wing extremest movement dedicated to starting a second civil war. It’s adherents have been responsible for several murders and other acts of terrorism in 2020.  In this Instagram story, Steve suggests that he needs a civil war.

It is unsurprising to us that a DHS employee is involved in fascist organizing. Since its inception, the agency has been tasked with enforcing structural white supremacy. Through its various agencies, DHS has been responsible for constant violence towards marginalized people. In the last several years, the agency has issued straight up neo-Nazi dog whistles in their press releases. The fact that they employ fascist organizers is just more proof of the department’s total and complete corruption.



It is important to recognize the connections between America’s military and the modern neo-Nazi movement. Frequently, the individuals responsible for exporting imperialism abroad come home to engage in authoritarian and fascist activity at home. These violences are intimately  linked, and must be stopped at all costs.

More details about the individuals in this article can be found HERE.

If you have any more information on Doghead Division or Operation Werewolf, please reach out to us at