Doghead Division

Doghead Division (formerly known as “Cult of the Doghead”) is a group based primarily in Texas. It bills itself as a network of veterans, first responders, and reformed criminals working towards self-improvement. This itself is an amiable goal, but something more sinister lies beneath the surface. The group is closely tied to Operation Werewolf (OPWW), a pagan neo-fascist group operating across America. All of the members of Doghead Division we identify in this article are also members of OPWW.

Operation Werewolf acts as a feeder group for the Wolves of Vinland, a white supremacist cult based in Lynchburg, Virginia.  OPWW’s name is a reference to a Nazi military plan orchestrated by Heinrich Himmler. The group has a reputation for extreme violence. They gained notoriety after one of their members, Maurice “Hjalti” Michaely was convicted of burning down a historic Black church. Just this summer, another OPWW member, Richard Bowman II, was exposed after coordinating violence at far-right demonstrations right here in Oregon.

More information about Operation Werewolf and the Wolves of Vinland can be found in this article by our friends at Rose City Antifa.



Doghead Division’s online presence is equal parts self-help blog and fascist radicalizing tool. The articles alternate between sanctimonious parables about self-improvement, and gratuitous fetishization of violent masculinity. They combine this with violent imagery and fascist symbolism.  The group’s blood-spattered aesthetic closely resembles that of “siegepilled” Nazi terrorist groups. We’ve juxtaposed examples of both below:

Doghead Division

Siegepill Propaganda


Using self-help techniques to radicalize and recruit has long been a tactic employed by fascists and the far-right. They target vulnerable and disaffected people with the intent to bring them into their movements. Operation Werewolf is practically built on this idea. The group lures alienated men with promises of community and self improvement, but ends up taking their time and money in a constant cycle of grift.

Like Operation Werewolf, Doghead Division’s beliefs are esoteric in nature. The group’s main premise is based around the idea of  Cynocephali or “Dog Heads.” Many cultures throughout history have had dog headed mythological figures (Anubis, St. Christopher, etc.). DHD believes that these figures are real, and can be tapped into by following their teachings. From the group’s website:

The cynocephali, the berserker, and the Dog Heads are not a myth. Though they go by different names in history, they are all too real. They are the werewolf that stirs in the heart of man. Those ancient tales represent what is possible through tapping into that primordial energy within the self and the Self. […] This is what we want to instill in you. We want you tap into that primal dog and summon him at will through mastery; through control.

In addition to their self help and spiritual content, Doghead Division dabbles in providing “tactical” advice to their readers. This advice is almost entirely foolish. Perhaps the most amusing instance of this is their harebrained article on opsec, which the group’s leader, Nolan Annett, ironically posted to an unlocked Facebook page that features his real name and employment information… smh.

Despite their obvious incompetence, Doghead Division provides a legitimate threat. The group is particularly concerning because of the way it actively attempts to radicalize veterans. This is a common tactic used by far-right extremists who want to bring people with combat experience into their ranks for a coming race war. The connection between neo-Nazis and military veterans is deeply explored in Bring The War Home by Kathleen Belew.


Nolan Annett:

Nolan Annett is the “brains” behind Doghead Division. He’s equal parts self-aggrandizing troop guy and Nazi occultist. Under the name “Cyno” he writes most of the articles on the group’s site. He is an infantry veteran and is currently employed as a paramedic. Nolan is a member of Operation Werewolf. He can be seen here posing at Ulfheim, the group’s headquarters. Several times a year, members get together there to listen to NSBM(National Socialist Black Metal), beat each other up, and preform goofy esoteric rituals.


Nolan’s personal spirituality is pretty disjointed. He discusses preforming norse pagan rituals, but also litters his writing with Bible quotes. In one post on his Instagram, Nolan even refers to Charles Manson as a prophet. In addition to coordinating his infamous murder spree, Manson notably attempted to incite a race war he called “Helter Skelter”. For this reason, in recent years, he has become a popular figure within neo-Nazi terrorist circles.


Nolan is currently employed as a paramedic with Texas Vital Care EMS. He also teaches classes at The Gym in Paris, Tx. Please contact both of these businesses at the links above, and ask why they’re employing a Manson-worshiping fascist.

EDIT: We have been contacted by the good folks at The Gym. They’ve let us know that Nolan was never officially employed there, and only worked as a guest instructor. They disprove of his conduct, and will not be working with him in the future.


Sean Tahtinen:


Sean Tahtinen is a longtime NSBM musician who goes by the name, “Verwulf Tyrant”. He is a member of Operation Werewolf, and is primarily responsible for Doghead Division’s artwork, which he produces under the name, “#978607”. Sean has a long history of extreme violence. In 2015, he broke into a woman’s home and threatened to murder her. According to the Muncie Star Tribune, he has previously been convicted of battery, battery resulting in bodily injury, burglary, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, and  intimidation. He is currently awaiting trial after pulling a gun on a man in Muncie, Indiana during a parking dispute.

Sean’s latest mugshot


Sean is associated with Donnybrook Farms and the Militant Ruralism movement, which we have previously profiled on this site. Militant Ruralism is an emerging white nationalist tendency that focuses on building heavily-armed compounds in order to control rural areas. In this Instagram post, he declares support for Donnybrook Farms and Wandervogel (another OPWW associated group).

Sean and his partner, Kandace Robinson,  are the primary organizers behind Black Sun Sect, a Rural Militant Farm in Pueblo, Colorado (more coming soon  ;P ).

More on Sean’s ties to white supremacists in the PNW can be found in this article by Eugene Antifa.

Steve Bitzko:


Steven Bitzko aka “Bitzkreig” is a CIFSO Police Officer with the Department of Homeland Security in Fort Worth, TX. He is a former paratrooper, and has been employed by military contractors like Dynacorp and Franco Consulting Group.

Steven is a member of Operation Werewolf. Here, he can be seen wearing an OPWW shirt while posing with Zak Wylde and Black Label Society (cringe lol). He also posts the writings of OPWW’s leader, Paul Waggener, on social media.


Steven has also suggested potential involvement in the Boogaloo movement. The Boogaloo is a right-wing extremest movement dedicated to starting a second civil war. It’s adherents have been responsible for several murders and other acts of terrorism in 2020.  In this Instagram story, Steve suggests that he needs a civil war.

It is unsurprising to us that a DHS employee is involved in fascist organizing. Since its inception, the agency has been tasked with enforcing structural white supremacy. Through its various agencies, DHS has been responsible for constant violence towards marginalized people. In the last several years, the agency has issued straight up neo-Nazi dog whistles in their press releases. The fact that they employ fascist organizers is just more proof of the department’s total and complete corruption.



It is important to recognize the connections between America’s military and the modern neo-Nazi movement. Frequently, the individuals responsible for exporting imperialism abroad come home to engage in authoritarian and fascist activity at home. These violences are intimately  linked, and must be stopped at all costs.

More details about the individuals in this article can be found HERE.

If you have any more information on Doghead Division or Operation Werewolf, please reach out to us at

Rural Nexion and Militant Ruralism: A Rising Fascist Threat


A gathering of Rural Militants

Militant ruralism is an emerging American fascist tendency that has grown in popularity over the past several years. It is Eco-fascist in nature and emphasizes resistance to industrial society and a return to nature and traditionalism. Unlike more typical Eco-fascists, who tend toward stochastic terrorism, adherents instead focus on controlling remote plots of land, where they can homestead and live off the grid. They also seem to hold occult beliefs and see themselves as preparing for doomsday. From (archive):

There is a great conflict coming beyond anything this world has witnessed in known history. The pre-casual (sic) reverberations of it are rattling through the spirit complex of a new spiritual elite, a high cosmic caste, warrior princes in chrysalises (sic); a pressing impetus toward decisive action Those reverberations are the distant echo of the forge of heroes, outside of time, stamping out mythic form from deep within the earth.

Several Rural Militant compounds have popped up across the country in the past few years. This is especially concerning given the history of neo-Nazis building compounds in America. Between the ’70s and early ’00s, for example, the Aryan Nations ran a compound in Hayden Lake, ID. This compound was instrumental in the formation of terrorist groups like The Order, and provided a gathering place for militant neo-Nazis.

A banner used on

In October of 2018, the domain for was registered, but all of its information was removed before we began looking into the movement. By looking through a few scattered archives, we have been able to piece together some details. The site was run by Donnybrook Farms, a Rural Militant group. Donnybrook used the site to share propaganda, sell merch, and issue challenges to readers. They also published a list of suggested readings that illustrate their ideology. This list includes books ranging from run-of-the-mill fascist tomes like Revolt Against the Modern World and Ecofascism to Ted Kaczynski’s manifesto to instructional books about permaculture and homesteading.



Donnybrook Farms:

Donnybrook Farms logo


Donnybrook Farms is a Rural Militant group based out of Mountain Top, PA. According to their website, it began as a family homestead and expanded into a larger ideological project. They ran a group called the Donnybrook Legion, a collection of individuals who would receive special training from their headquarters. The group asked candidates to apply to become a recognized squad, with the intention of later creating organized fighting forces. From

Potential candidates must be between 18 and 45 years of age and able bodied, be capable and willing to maintain open lines of communication with DBHQ and report regularly, own (or have a realistic plan to own) rural land, adhere and implement the basic standards and SOP’s laid out in the BRK quarterlies and Field Reports, be capable of actively recruiting HSMs (Holy Soil Mercenaries), and dawn the insignia of our Legion (sic)

Donnybrook operated in a semi-public fashion until October 31, 2019, when they began the “Schwerpunkt Campaign” ( Schwerpunkt means primary focus in German). The beginning of the campaign signaled that they would no longer be accepting members into the legion, and that they would begin the removal of their online presence and go underground.

Most of Donnybrook’s posts were authored by by someone using the pseudonym VCTR. We believe these to be pictures of him. We are seeking more details about his identity and affiliations. If you have information about him, please reach out to us at



Rural Nexion:

Rural Nexion is a neo-Nazi compound in Alba, TX. It subscribes to the ideology of militant ruralism, and is closely tied to Donnybrook Farms. Members of the compound are often armed and are serious about their beliefs.


Rural Nexion’s belief system can be sussed out by looking at some of the books they auction off to make money. Most notable among these is Siege by Nazi pedophile James Mason. The book has inspired an entire  “Siegepill” movement, which advocates that Nazis engage in stochastic terrorism with the ambition of creating a race war.

They also sell left hand path satanist literature like Liber Falxifer and The Book of Sitru Achra. The left hand path is an approach to magic that is intended to be more sinister (read: super extra spooky) than other types. This variety of satanism has had a long history of intersecting with neo-Nazi movements and organizations.

One of the most prominent connections between Nazis and satanism is through The Order of Nine Angles, a neo-Nazi satanist group that has deep ties to the Siegepill movement and terrorist groups like Atomwaffen and Sonnenkreig Division. O9A groups are referred to as “Nexions.” While Rural Nexion doesn’t explicitly describe themselves as being associated with Order of Nine Angles, the fact that they blend neo-Nazi politics and satanism while having the word “Nexion” in their name provides compelling evidence that they may be associated.

The Compound:

The compound is fenced off and has a closed-circuit camera system that is used to monitor the perimeter. The residents claim to take security very seriously, and have even posted a video of them “detaining” someone at gunpoint on the edge of the property.


Other photos posted on Rural Nexion’s social media show them pointing guns through the fence, presumably at people they see as intruders.


In addition to these traditional defenses, Rural Nexion’s members also have stuck hogs’ heads on stakes at the edge of the property, and have surrounded the area with “curses.”


The residents communicate with each other via radios, some of which are in their cars.


They frequently discuss security plans on their social media accounts. Ironically enough, them posting about controlling the property’s perimeter is what led us straight to the compound’s location.


The group also has a retrofitted “raid bus.” It features communication equipment and a Donnybrook Farms sign in the back window.

Rural Nexion controls and maintains two pieces of property in Alba. The main location is the one pictured above, and is a fenced off, triangular lot located at the intersection of County Road 1676 and S. FM 17.

An overhead view of the compound from google maps


The other plot of land is located slightly to the Northeast of the first one. It is a ranch that belongs to James Mountfield, one of the compound’s members. The group appears to use the land to raise and butcher cows, chickens, and other livestock.

An overhead view of the ranch from google maps



The compound used to maintain the website for, but it was pulled off the internet before we came across it. Luckily, we were able to find some parts of the website archived. The site was used to fund-raise by selling stickers, posters, and other merchandise. Recently, they have shifted all of their sales to a page on BigCartel.


Nathan Stewart:

Nathan Stewart is the ostensible leader of Rural Nexion, and admins their social media accounts. Online, he uses the handles “WolfNeck” and “Eretznod”. He previously ran a shitty blog under the name “Eretznod” where he posted his (incredibly shallow) musings about life.

Nathan is a tattoo artist and has tattooed most of the compound’s members.


Nathan Stewart should be considered armed and dangerous. He is almost always carrying a gun, and has bragged about illegally carrying firearms across state lines.

Note the Julius Evola book. Evola was a Nazi philosopher who laid the groundwork for esoteric fascism.


Tiana Hall:

Tiana Hall is Nathan Stewart’s partner and they have several children together. Tiana shares Nathan’s fascistic views, and runs a tradwife Instagram account called cabinwifetiana.

Nathan and Tiana’s room ft. a Sonnenrad flag


Jason Gildea :


Jason Gildea is one of the core members of Rural Nexion, and can be seen in many on their group photos.


He is currently employed as a warehouse manager for Tesla.

Jason is in a relationship with Marleigh Sprouse of Muenster, Tx.


James Mountfield:


James Mountfield aka Bobes McGee is one of Rural Nexion’s core members. He is a security technician employed by Ceva Logistics. This is particularly ironic as it was Bobes’s complete lack of security culture and discretion that led to these identifications being made.

James is married to Karen Burgess Mountfield. She is an employee of Robert Chidester bookkeeping.




“Redbeard” is the only key member of Rural Nexion whom we have not identified. We are seeking more information about his identity and affiliations. If you have knowlege about him, please reach out to us at


The militant ruralism movement is particularly concerning because it inspires fascists to take and control territory in areas with little resistance to them. Historically, neo-Nazis have used farms and compounds as locations to plan violent organizing away from prying eyes. The fact that Rural Militants are organizing and building infrastructure should be of major concern. Rural Antifascists must snuff out these groups wherever they pop up, and prevent them from gaining any foothold in our communities.

A note to fellow Antifascists: There is much more to this movement than we are able to cover here. If you are interested about learning about militant ruralism in your area, reach out to us at

More details about Rural Nexion and their members can be found at:

Michael Jones & Saturnine Ritual: Seigepilled Black Metal in Corn Country

Saturnine Ritual Productions is a NSBM (National Socialist Black Metal) label and distro based in Sioux City, Iowa. The label is owned and operated by Michael Jones aka Severian Gwylell aka Michael Bones aka Graf Vorlock.

The label puts out music and merch for white supremacist bands, and promotes dangerous, accelerationist ideology.

Order of Nine Angles & Tempel ov Blood:

Tempel ov Blood is a neo-nazi satanist cult run by Atomwaffen Division members Jillian Hoy and Joseph Sutter. Atomwaffen is a terrorist organization responsible for multiple murders over the past few years.

The Tempel is notable for their publishing wing, Martinet Press, which has published several texts that are influential within the Neo-Nazi accelerationist community.

Templ ov Blood’s symbol

Working with Martinet press, Saturnine Ritual recently released a tape entitled “White Night Suicide Choir”, a noise project featuring samples from the night of the Jonestown massacre. Tempel ov Blood have a long and strange history with Jim Jones and the People’s Temple. Before starting ToB, Hoy and Sutter were a part of Marxist-Leninist group called the Rural People’s Party that lionized Jim Jones as a hero and martyr.

In addition to publishing their ‘music’, Michael is a full on acolyte of the Tempel. Here are pictures of him wearing the Tempel’s symbol and posing with books from Martinet Press.

Templ ov Blood is a subset of The Order Of Nine Angles (o9a), a neo-nazi satanist organization that originated in the UK in the 1960’s. The group advocates for terrorism, mass murder, rape, and genocide. It has inspired several terrorists in the UK, most notably those in Sonnenkreig Division.

Jones wears o9a’s symbol on a pendant around his neck, and frequently posts pictures of it.


Siege is a compilation of essays written by neo-Nazi James Mason. It advocates for lone-wolf style terrorism and race war. In the wake of Unite The Right, the book gained immense popularity within Neo-Nazi circles. The book has inspired the “Siegepill” movement and a slew of terrorist groups, like: Atomwaffen, Feuerkreig Division, Sonnenkreig Division, and many others.

Michael Jones frequently makes posts advocating for Siege.

Micheal Jones:

As an individual, Michael Jones is an interesting character. Before becoming a NSBM dork, Michael was a crust punk who repped Crass and had disrocker hair. He is active in the Sioux City DIY music scene, and used to book bands under the name “Cutting Teeth Presents”.

A brief look into Michael’s Reddit account (/u/wemadehell) reveals a deeply insecure individual. Whenever someone disagrees with him, he quickly devolves into using hateful slurs, and he throws raging temper tantrums when people downvote his shitty music.

He also reveals to himself to be deeply, painfully, horny. He can often be found posting thirstily on many nsfw subs including r/emmawatsonbum.

Michael’s last known place of work was at Cloverleaf Cold Storage, which was recently bought by Americold Logistics.

Michael at work at Cloverfield


Saturnine Ritual puts out music and merchandise for numerous different fascist bands, many of which feature  Michael Jones.

Unholy Vampyric Slaughter Sect:

Unholy Vampyric Slaughter Sect is a black metal project from Northampton Massachusetts. The band has ties to o9a, and includes their symbol on some of their records. Saturnine ritual sells patches for them.


Rusulka is a dungeon synth project that Michael does with a man by the name Joshua Hall. Joshua is a fellow Sioux City resident and former substitute teacher.


Death Wound:

Death Wound is a “Blackened Oi” band from Iowa (yes it sounds about as shitty as you’d expect).  It features Michael Jones and two other boneheads.

Bizarre Uproar:

Bizarre Uproar is a National Socialist Finnish harsh noise band. Saturnine Ritual sells the band’s patches to American audiences.

Michael’s own musical projects include: Cadaver Sanguine, Vhlk’h Dlaka, Anophthalmia, Funeral Song, vaerminum, and Nightstalker.

Please report these artists on Bandcamp and get them deplatformed.

Personal Details:

Name: Michael Jones

Aliases: Severian Gwylell, Michael Bones, Graf Vorlock

Education: Western Iowa Tech Community College


Insatgram: @ritual.knives,  @impaledfields, @saturnineritual

Facebook: , ,

Reddit: /u/wemadehell



White Nationalist Wannabe Tradwife Working at OHSU

Scarlet Horse (yes, that’s a real name) is a white nationalist based out of Portland, Oregon.

We learned about her when researching the #ReOpenOregon protest on May 2nd. She was the first person to follow Oregonians Uniting for Liberty’s Instagram page. The group was behind the anti-quarantine rally that drew in fascists from across the state.

You can read our article on the #ReOpenOregon protest HERE.

Her account, @TradFuturist is where she posts most of her white nationalist content. She is part of the tradwife movement, which is rooted in white nationalist ideology. Don’t be deceived by her hipstery, muted-color, graphics, the ideology she promotes is incredibly dangerous.

Scarlet constantly references Julius Evola, a fascist philosopher from Italy. Evola is famous for believing Benito Mussolini to not be fascist enough, and his obsession with the Nazi SS. Many of his writings center on traditionalism, rigid gender roles, and European heritage. These values make up the ideological core of the tradwife movement.

Her account is peppered with references to Evola. The bio reads, “Riding The Kali Yuga”. The Kali Yuga is a part of Hinduism that Evola appropriated into his own esoteric belief system. He believed it to be a degenerate dark age that proceeds total societal collapse. The phrase, “Ride The Kali Yuga” is commonly used by modern adherents of Evola as a way to express their mentality and ideology.

She posts about reading Evola’s books, and tags many of her posts with #revoltagainstthemodernworld, the title of Evola’s most famous manifesto.

Scarlet posting about reading The Metaphysics of Sex by Julius Evola.

Scarlet also uses the slogan “Blood And Soil” in many of her other posts. The slogan was popularized by the government of Nazi Germany, and has since been used as a rallying cry for the far right. Neo-Nazi marchers at the deadly Unite The Right rally famously chanted the slogan during the torchlight march before the rally.

Scarlet seems to be a fan of the neo-nazi street fighting crew Revolt Through Tradition, as she posted this graphic to her account. The group’s name, itself, is a reference to Julius Evola’s ideology.

In addition to the above, Scarlet is a spreader of the “white genocide” conspiracy theory, which asserts that Jewish people are secretly behind declining European birthrates and immigration. The conspiracy theory has been a motivator for numerous mass shootings including the Christchurch massacre.

She also runs the account @CascadesUnited where she re-posts fascistic content from other accounts.

Scarlet suffers from Endometriosis (this legitimately sucks for her, but doesn’t excuse her fascism). She has a series of Instagram stories dedicated to her treatment. It was here that we learned that Scarlet runs Rose City Endo, an endometriosis support group  in Portland.

Once we found her connection with Rose City Endo, it was was easy to find Scarlet’s facebook and Linkedin accounts, which mention her employment.

Scarlet works at OHSU (Oregon Health And Science University) as a Health Unit Coordinator. This is obviously extremely problematic.  Scarlet’s fascist ideology means that she cannot be trusted to coordinate treatment for patients of color, LGBTQ+ people, and other minorities. She constantly posts anti-abortion rhetoric. Her extreme dedication to this belief interferes with her ability to provide services to patients considering abortion.

Sacrlet has an entire series of instagram stories dedicated to being anti-abortion

It should be noted that Scarlet has some incredibly questionable takes about COVID-19. In addition to being the first person to follow Oregonians Uniting for Liberty on Instagram, she describes people who self isolate as “entitled little bitches”, and says that those who die from the virus are a “problem” that will be taken care of by natural selection.

Scarlet is a legitimate danger to OHSU’s patients. If you’re concerned with her presence in the hospital, please consider filing a complaint or calling their integrity hotline: 877-733-8313.

We must also discuss the public persona Scarlet presents on facebook. She doesn’t use her account to discuss or reference fascist ideology like she does on Instagram. Instead, she comes off as a typical Trump supporter with a penchant for 2014-hipster aesthetics.

Cringe tbh.

She is intentionally hiding her true ideology in order to infiltrate more mainstream conservative circles, and sway them closer to her own ideology. This is what fascists frequently refer to as “hiding your power level”. It is important to be vigilant of fascists infiltrating spaces this way, especially when they have power over people’s lives.

Thanks to the comrades in Rose City Antifa for their help with this article.



Vehicle:  Grey Kia Sportage LX with Oregon plates 978MCH


Instagram: @tradfuturist @saintpoppyofportland @rosecityendo @scarletgracehorse



Birthday: 10/03/1996

#ReOpenOregon Rally’s Ties to White Supremacy

Oregonians Uniting for  Liberty is an organization dedicated to re-opening America during the COVID-19 crisis. It is a part of a larger trend of astroturfed rallies that have happened across the country in the midst if the Corona virus epidemic.

#ReOpenOregon’s flyer

On May 2nd, they are planning to protest closures due to COVID-19. This is, obviously an incredibly bad idea. It has the possibility to become a massive disease vector and puts the health of all Oregonians at risk. COVID-19 is highly infectious, which is why health experts and medical professionals around the world have been suggesting social distancing as a way to slow the spread. People are often most contagious 2-3 days before symptoms start, and some people never show symptoms at all (it’s estimated 25% of cases are asymptomatic), so large groups of people gathering together in close quarters for a protest is likely to contain some people who are infected, who will spread it to other participants, who will then return home and spread it in their communities.


Oregonians Uniting for  Liberty has some truly questionable members in its ranks.

Chief among these among these is Joey Gibson. For those who don’t know, Gibson has repeatedly staged incredibly violent rallies in Portland and across the country. His rallies have featured white supremacist speakers, and have drawn in members from Neo-Nazi groups like Identity Evropa, The Daily Stormer Bookclub, and The Oregon Aryans.

Another questionable character is Paul Luhrs. Paul is the leader of the Linn county chapter of the Three Percenter militia. Paul is a close friend of Bart Degeneffe, a Corvallis-based white nationalist who we exposed trying to radicalize local conservatives. Paul has become a fixture at protests across the state. He frequently shares bigoted posts on social media.

The group also contains members Emma Mitchem and Carol Leek, two of the leaders of Oregon Women For Trump, a group with its own ties to violent white supremacists.

Oregon Women For Trump:

A major contingent of the protest will be run Oregon Women for Trump (OWFT). The organization has organized several events that have drawn heavy white supremacist presence.

Oregon Women For Trump's Facebook eventOne rally hosted by Carol Leek in 2017 featured KKK grand wizard Steven Howard and a group of Neo-Nazi thugs seig heil-ing.

Steven Howard and some of his Neo-Nazi compatriots.

The group also organized an “America First” protest in Eugene, which drew in violent fascists like Gordon Cronk and Andrew Allwander. At this rally, Cronk assaulted a counterprotester much smaller than himself.

Allwander and Cronk at the America First rally

One of OWFT’s leaders, Emma Mitchem, is also an outright bigot. In this video, she can be seen yelling homophobic slurs at a trans man.

More detailed information about Oregon Women For Trump and their America First rally can be found in this article by Eugene Antifa.

ReOpen America:

The protest, itself, is a part of ReOpen America, a PAC dedicated to re-opening the country in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.

ReOpen America was founded by Suzzanne Monk, a tragically unfunny conservative comic and grifter from Chicago.

Suzzanne posing at Trump Tower.

Before founding ReOpen America, Suzzanne worked for the far right news site, The Red Elephants.

Suzanne’s author page on The Red Elephants

The site has its own deep ties to Neo-Nazis. The founder, Vincent James has been known to pal around with the Rise Above Movement, a violent white supremacist street fighting crew that participated in the 2017 Unite The Right Rally in Charlottesville. Vincent has also made a habit of appearing on Nazi podcasts and crashing TPUSA events with holocaust-denier Nick Fuentes.

Vincent James hanging out with RAM member Robert Boman

During her tenure at Red Elephants, Suzanne wrote an article defending and praising infamous Nazi, Tom Christiansen aka Trigger Tom.

Suzanne’s article praising wannabe murderer Trigger Tom

Christiansen is a self described white nationalist who posted on the Neo-Nazi forum Stormfront under the name ‘whitepunx’. He got his nickname after claiming to be behind a shooting that left a Portland antifascist paralyzed. Tom is currently in jail after attempting to stab a man to death at a Dropkick Murphy’s show in Chicago.

During her tenure at Red Elephants, Monk also wrote articles where she praised groups like the Rise Above Movement and fascist brawlers like Kyle Chapman.

Monk runs another PAC called Patriot Action Political Action Committee. On its website, the PAC claims to work with several political candidates and neo-nazi associate and professional homeless harasser, Scott Pressler.

A screenshot from the PAC’s webiste.

Across the country:

The Oregon ReOpen protest is not the only one tied to violence white supremacy. Protests across the country have had fascists participate and commit violence.

In Ohio, National Socialist Movement member, Mathew Slatzer used an anti-quarantine protest as an opportunity to display anti-semitic propaganda.

In Michigan, a car blockade protesting COVID-related closures blocked off the entrance to a hospital, further endangering the lives of people in critical condition. Members of the Michigan Proud Boys, an SPLC-designated hate group, played a large role in the protest.

Michigan Proud Boys blocking a hospital entrance.

In Huntington Beach, one ReOpen protester, Christien Petersen, kidnapped and held a reporter at knifepoint, forcing him to delete footage he was featured in.

Christien Petersen


It is important to look at the #ReOpen movement’s ties to fascism. While these protests seem largely dominated by normie conservatives and anti-vax conspiracy dweebs, at its core, the movement is built on the fascistic belief that some human lives are disposable. They are willing to sacrifice the lives of the elderly, the sick, and the disabled so they can go back to eating Applebee’s and shopping at the mall. Anybody who attends this rally is a danger to themselves, their communities, and all Oregonians.


Ben Baker: From High Priest To Proud Boy


Benjamin Baker is a member of the violent nationalist group The Proud Boys, living in Corvallis. He uses the aliases “Angel Cullen”, “Angel Geist Cullen”, “Dashie Derps”, and “Aeonian Isodor”. Ben has issued extreme threats of violence to members of our community. He also has a documented history of stalking, and has also engaged in romantic relationships with children. He poses a legitamate threat to the good people of Corvallis.

Proud Boys:

Ben is a member of the Proud Boys, an SPLC-designated hate group. The organization has been responsible for numerous acts of violence across the country since their inception in 2016. They frequently make alliances with extreme Neo-Nazi groups like the Traditionalist Workers Party, American Guard, and the 211 Bootboys.

Looking like a dweeb in his Proud Boy colors

Corvallis Anti-Socialist:

Ben runs the Facebook page, ‘Corvallis Anti-Socialist’. On it, he posts about going on “Commie Watches”, and his desire to attack local leftist groups. As far as we know, this is all bluster and Ben has never actually done anything beyond posting.

For all his hatred towards it, we’re not even that sure if Ben knows what Socialism is. In one post, he uses a quote where Malcolm X denounces liberalism to prove that leftists aren’t committed to civil rights. The thing about that is…. Malcolm X was an outspoken, radical, socialist. Us Socialists are fundamentally opposed to liberalism to, but it doesn’t seem like Ben has done his reading. Oregon Patriots Militia:

On his Tinder account, Ben claims to be a precinct commander for the Oregon Patriots Militia. Though it postures as a militia, OPM seems to pretty much just be a Facebook group where nearly 500 boomers post incoherent nonsense about Nancy Pelosi being a Maoist or whatever.

However, the group does have some pretty sketchy members. They include: Oregon congressional candidate and KKK associate Joey Nations, wannabe mass murderer Shane Kohfield, noted Portland-mayor-threatener Reggie Axtel, and straight up Neo-Nazi Steven Shallenberger

If you want a full list of Oregon Patriot Militia members, feel free to reach out to us. 😛

Republican Party:

Ben holds elected office within the Republican Party. He’s a PCP (precinct committee person)  in the Benton County GOP.

A screenshot from Ben’s facebook account where he lists his work history.

Ben has also expressed a desire to run for public office in Corvallis.


Ben started the Church of Valoism in 2014. The religion he created seems to be mostly based on Wicca, with a few tweaks. During its existence, Ben’s cult has had a grand total of seven members. We know this because he listed all of the members on the website along with their status within the church. Literally every member besides Ben has either left the faith, or has been ‘blacklisted’.

The Church of Valoism’s website.

We are unsure whether or not Ben, himself, still practices Valoism. He has changed back and forth between religions multiple times. He has also practiced Christianity and Sithism (the uhhhh religion of the Sith from Star Wars…).

Abuse of Women & Children:

Ben has a documented history of preying on underage children. When he was 18, Ben began grooming a 13 year girl. He details the process in a petition where he asks the state of Oregon to change statutory rape laws. He also ran a facebook page dedicated to this end. Ben was confronted by his victim’s father and the police after they learned about his behavior. This didn’t deter him as he later proposed to the child in question. Luckily for his “fiance”, she was able to leave him shortly after.

Ben begs his child fiance to come back to him.

Ben’s affections for underage girls don’t stop there. He has also been banned from Heritage Mall in Albany for selling weed to young girls in hopes of having sex with them. He writes about it in the Facebook post below.

Obviously, we don’t trust cops a bit, but given Ben’s history of abusing minors, we are inclined to believe Hoffman’s assessment.

Later, Ben went on to date other people. He maintained a relationship with another woman for several months before she got wise and left him. Ben responded to this by stalking and harassing her. She was able to get a no contact order, which Ben promptly violated, getting him kicked out of an Oxford House rehab.


Ben constantly threatens his enemies with extreme violence. Most of is threats focus of on his extreme hatred for trans people and Socialists.

In one video, he declares, “How we deal with Socialists” before unloading a magazine into a yard sign for former Corvallis City Council candidate, Paige Kriesman, a trans Jewish woman.

Ben had been our radar for awhile, but he truly became a priority from us when he started threatening a local trans journalist. They reached out to us and showed us some of the threatening twitter DMs they had been receiving from him.

Since it seems like Ben believes this person has some affiliation with us, we want to make it clear that we have absolutely NO relationship with this person outside of having received their tips about Ben.

Ben has also sent threats over twitter to journalist Molly Conger (aka socialistdogmom).

Ben wishes we were manipulating his texts or hacking into his mainframe. In reality, we’re only looking at information he’s posted publicly.


Whether it’s music, poetry, cult leading, or being Proud Boy, Ben isn’t very good at anything he tries. However, he excels in two key areas; being a bigoted asshole and posting cringe on his numerous facebook accounts. Given the prodigious amount of hatred the man produces, we had to break it up into several categories.






Overt Nazi Shit:


Support of other fascist groups:

Ben has a pattern of supporting fascist organizations. In one facebook post, he shared propaganda from Revolt Through Tradition, a white nationalist street fighting crew that models itself after the Rise Above Movement.

On Instagram, Ben posted praise of AntiCom, a Neo-Nazi group that were one of the key organizers of the deadly Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville.

Ben is also a superfan of Anti-Antifa Gear, a Neo-Nazi clothing company. The company sells a lot of merchandise featuring “Anti-Antifa” sentiments. They also sell stuff featuring overtly white supremacist symbols like the sonnenrad and celtic cross.  In a post showing off his haul from the company, he reveals that he ordered a sticker featuring the celtic cross. The symbol is one of the most commonly used by the modern white nationalist movement.

Ben also claims to have affiliation with MarxWatch, an east coast group that works to dox and smear liberals, leftists, and LGBTQ people. The organization has participated in elaborate hoaxes in failed attempts to discredit the left.


Ben is a manager at the 3rd St Corvallis McDonald’s. The location has a policy that allows employees to wear outfits of their choosing on Halloween. For two years in a row, Ben has used the opportunity to express his hateful views. In 2018, he wore a shirt reading, “Socialism is for Fags”, In 2019, he wore his Proud Boys colors (a black & gold Fred Perry polo). It’s pretty surprising that the Corvallis McDonald’s allows behavior like this in their store. Consider giving them a call at 541-754-8050 or fill out this form on their website.

Distinctive Tattoos:

The Many Faces of Ben Baker:


Birthday: 3/17/1996


Employment: Manager @ Corvallis McDonald’s


Facebook Accounts:










Wolf Brigade & Greg Walsh: Hipster Gym Nazis Fuck Off

Wolf Brigade is a Gym located in Rochester, New York, with at least 10 other affiliated gyms across the US and Canada. It is owned and operated by Greg Walsh. On its face, it looks like any other hipster Crossfit facility. It’s edgy aesthetics & Greg’s tyler-durden-wannabe ramblings have garnered a large instagram following, and have secured the gym a partnership with ROUGE fitness.

The gym has gained particular renown for selling engraved maces, and an absurdly wide variety of overpriced black metal font t-shirts.

We are writing about the Greg and his gym because of its affiliations with Fascist groups, Operation Werewolf and The Wolves of Vinland.


 The Wolves of Vinland & Operation Werewolf:

The Wolves of Vinland is a fascist, neo-pagan, cult that primarily operates around the US. (This isn’t us editorializing. They openly describe themselves as a cult). They were founded about a decade ago by brothers Paul and Mattais Waggener.

Paul Waggener posing with Greg Walsh at Devotion Jiu-Jitsu, a gym run by Wolves of Vinland members.

The cult bases its ideology on Germanic paganism and the writings of Italian fascist philosopher, Julius Evola. Evola was a 20th century Nazi who felt that Mussolini was not nearly radical enough and that Hitler’s SS was the template for an ideal society. His philosophy focuses heavily on occultism, tribalism, and strict adherence to tradition. The influence of Evola’s philosophy thoroughly permeates the Wolves of Vinland’s propaganda. They are intensely focused on the concepts of tribalism, traditionalism, and hyper masculinity.

The Wolves style themselves after 1%’er motorcycle clubs, and have adopted their feeder group model. A feeder group is a larger organization of supporters that that the main organization draws members and money from. The Wolves feeder group is Operation Werewolf.

The Totenwolf, the logo of Operation Werewolf. Named after the Totenkopf, a symbol used by Hitler’s SS during WWII.

Operation Werewolf is structured similarly to the Wolves of Vinland, but the members adhere less tightly to the spiritual beliefs and practices of their cultish leaders. That doesn’t mean they’re any less fascistic though. Their name itself derives from ‘Operation Werewolf‘, a military plan created by Adolph Hitler and Heinrich Himmler at the end of WWII that involved decentralized groups of SS soldiers carrying out military operations behind enemy lines.

To illustrate the kind of people Operation Werewolf attracts, here is a sample of some of their most unpleasant members:

Jake & Gabriel Laskey are members of Operation Werewolf. The pair are overt white supremacists with a long history of violence. In 2007, they attacked a synagogue in Eugene Oregon by throwing rocks etched with swastikas through the windows during a service. Jake is currently in prison after he stabbed one of his friends at a party.

Maurice Michaely is an Operation Werewolf and Wolves of Vinland member who made headlines when he burned down a black church in 2012 and went to prison for two years. Paul Waggener expressed support for Maurice on social media, and Maurice continues to work with the organization.

Jack Donovan is one of the key organizers of Operation Werewolf and the Wolves of Vinland.  He is an author and moderately prominent figure in the Men’s Rights Movement. Donovan describes himself as an anarcho-fascist, and has deep ties in the Alt-Right. He has spoken at conferences put on by Richard Spencer’s think tank, the National Policy Institute, and American Renaissance, the White Supremacist  magazine run by Jared Taylor.

Jack Donovan wearing an Operation Werewolf tank top.

For more information about the ideology and history of these groups, we strongly suggest reading “The Wolves of Vinland: a Fascist Countercultural “Tribe” in the Pacific Northwest” by our comrades in Rose City Antifa.

Wolf Brigade’s Fascist Ties:

Wolf Brigade Gym has had a long and close relationship with Operation Werewolf. In 2018, the two organizations Co-Created “The Initium Pact” under the name ”Lupus Ludus” (latin for wolf game). The pact was a 30 day fitness regimen that involved AMA’s with Paul Waggener and competitions with other participants.

A facebook post describing the particulars of the program

Interestingly enough, the regimen’s logo bears a striking resemblance to the ‘Kolovrat’, a Russian version of  the swastika that is frequently used by eastern european Neo-Nazis.

In addition to his collaboration on Lupus Ludus, Greg Walsh has also been a featured instructor at Operation Werewolf’s annual ‘Lupine Equinox Conclave’. The conclave is an annual gathering in Lynchberg Va, where participants listen to shitty NSBM bands, lift weights, and preform ritual animal sacrifice.

Wolf Brigade Gym is not forthright with its politics. However, much of their rhetoric mirrors that of Operation Werewolf. Their posts frequently contain language that venerates strength and tradition, and much of Walsh’s writing focuses on his hatred for human weakness.

We suspect their intention is to lure unsuspecting fitness enthusiasts into spaces where they can be radicalized into more hateful beliefs, while still allowing the gym to make money from t-shirt sales. That said, it is not uncommon for the gym to drop little hints about their politics.

One of the most obvious of these hints is their Brand Ambassador patch. It is designed in the style of a Waffen-SS divisional insignia.

Many hardcore Neo-Nazi groups also utilize this format for their logos. It is especially popular among those who advocate terrorism like Atomwaffen Division and The Aryan Terror Brigade.

In addition to the above, Greg has posted images of the Totenkopf on his personal Instagram account. The symbol was used by the SS throughout WWII, and has been adopted by the American white nationalist movement as one of its foremost symbols.

He also posted a picture of a shirt featuring the character, ‘Bill the Butcher’ from the movie Gangs of New York. Several white power groups use images of the character, most notably, American Guard. (psst… y’all should check out some of our articles exposing the american guard at


The most disturbing part of this article is likely the Wolf Brigade ‘Cubs’ program, a collaboration between the gym and Klem Road North Elementary School in Webster, NY. It is taught by Wolf Brigade employees Heather McAllister & Sarah Harding. The program features workouts designed by Wolf Brigade staff as well as broad ideological life lessons.

A group of students in the cubs program

While it doesn’t seem like the program explicitly teaches white nationalism to children, their Instagram makes it apparent that the instructors are imparting the students with the building blocks of the Wolves of Vinland’s fascistic ideology.

Their posts routinely stress the importance of individuality, strength, and a return to nature. There isn’t anything wrong with these ideas on their face, but they begin to look a bit more sinister given their larger context.

The fact that Klem Road North Elementary allows a gym that trains violent Neo-Nazis to teach their students is incredibly concerning. It shows a massive lack of due diligence from the school’s administration. We sincerely hope that they reconsider this deal when informed about the content of this article. You can let them know by calling them at (585) 872-1770.

NOTE: As of Dec 16 2019, Wolf Brigade Cubs no longer operates in Klem Road North Elementary.

Wolf Brigade runs a program called the Public Assistance Project. The project is a series of workout plans that the gym produces. Groups around the country gather to do these workouts. Several of these sessions occur at Wolf Brigade branches, which we will discuss in the next section of this article.

A list of Public Assistance Project locations

It is also important to note that, reminiscent of the Lupus Ludus design, the logo for this project is meant to look like a pagan symbol. In this case, it is Mjölnir. The symbol is used by many white supremacists as an identifier and a religious symbol. It is, however, important to note that not all neo-pagans who use the symbol are fascists. Given the larger context of this article, the symbol’s intention is clear.


Wolf Brigade has numerous branch gyms across the country and Canada. They vary in discipline, but they all utilize similar aesthetics and messaging. Several of these gyms are run by Operation Werewolf members and affiliates. Here are some of the affiliated gyms’ owners:

Kyle Helsper is an Operation werewolf member, a tattoo artist, and a Jiu-Jitsu instructor who resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. He used to operate Iron & Blood Strength & Conditioning until the business failed (it should be noted that “Iron & Blood” is one of Operation Werewolf’s favorite taglines). Kyle has a real passion for Nazi face tattoos. We have documented some of them below.

Leah Deveau aka Leileh Devi is a Yoga instructor working out of The Yoga Space in Portland Oregon. Operation werewolf claims her as a member in the first issue of their blog, ‘inner circle’. Her assumed name is a reference to Savitri Devi, a french occultist and National Socialist who was inspired by Julius Evola. She has taught at the Lupine Equinox Conclave alongside Greg.

NOTE: Leah is no longer employed by The Yoga Space in Portland. We have compiled a detailed twitter thread about her HERE. Additionally, some readers have notified us that ‘Devi’ is the sanskrit term for ‘goddess’. It is likely that she and Savitri adopted the surname for the same reason, but it is not certain if the reference is intentional.

Vengance Strength Kvlt in Nashville is owned by Sky Lemyng. The gym’s ties to The Wolves of Vinland have already been very    thoroughly    documented. They sell a bunch of merch with Nazi symbols, rep Operation Werewolf clothing, and at least one of their founders is a documented Wolves of Vinland prospect. Fuck these dudes.

Sky Lemyng in an Operation Werewolf tank top

Andrew Lewis aka Andy Redbeard owns and operates Norse Fitness out of Concord North Carolina. He attended the Lupine Equinox conclave in 2019.

Andrew Lewis at the Lupine Equinox Conclave

NOTE: After the publication of this article, Andy disputed our claim that he is the person we have highlighted in the above photo. We have collected more receipts tying Andy to the Wolves and have compiled them HERE.

His gym also uses lots of fashy symbolism and references in their promotional material. They sell lots of items featuring the phrase, ”Abandon Modern Culture”. This is a patently Evolan sentiment, and is a rephrasing of the title of his most famous work, ”Revolt Against The Modern World”. Some of their merch also contains the tyr rune and the valknut, which are both pagan symbols appropriated by white supremacists.


Chapters listed on Wolf Brigade’s website include:

Atlantic Avenue Athletic Club -Toronto, ON- Owner: Matt LaRochelle

Anvil of Crom – Kenai, AK- Owner: Jerem Feltman

Feral S&C – Arcata, CA- Owner: Aimee Jacot

San Benito Strength – Tres Pinos, CA – Owners: Julia & Elliot Vancil

Iron & Blood S&C – Indiana, IN [DEFUNCT]- Owner: Kyle Helsper

Norse Fitness – Concord, NC- Owner: Andrew Cliff Lewis

San Soo Tulsa – Tulsa, OK- Owner: Mike McDougal

Leilah Devi – Portland, OR- Owner: Leah O Deveau aka Leileh Devi

Vengeance – Nashville, TN- Owner: Sky Lemyng

The Sect – Salt Lake City, UT- Owner: Paul Griffith Roberts

(fellow antifascists: we have a fair amount of information about each of owners of each of the gyms below. Please reach out to us if you want it)

NOTE: We recently learned that Station 515 from Michigan had disafilliated from Wolf Brigade prior to the publishing of this article. They cited similar concerns regarding Wolf Brigade’s fascist affiliations. We offer our sincere apologies for the incorrect information.


One of the most insidious ways Fascism spreads is through subculture. It is a way for them to approach people who are already somewhat disillusioned with civil society. They often are able to find converts by disguising their true beliefs until they are able to gain the trust of those they seek to indoctrinate.

Whether in, fitness, heavy metal, motorcycle culture, or punk rock, it is essential that these fascists be stopped at every turn. If you live somewhere Wolf Brigade is operating, we implore you to  join us in shutting them down. Do not allow them to encroach on your communities.

Sean Wulfe McCann: American Guard’s Largest Lad

We are continuing our series of articles revealing members of the American Guard. This article details Sean McCann, the president of the organization’s Utah chapter. Sean lives in Sandy, Utah, with his wife and two young sons.

The American Guard is a group the Anti-Defamation League  describes as “Hardcore White Supremacists”. The organization was founded in Indiana by Brien James, a former Klansman and one of the founders of the violent bonehead (neo-nazi skinhead) gang, Vinlanders Social Club.  The American Guard has deep ties to other open white nationalist gangs like The Hammerskins, The Traditionalist Workers Party, and The Aryan Nations. Unlike many of these other, more overt, groups, they also associate with alt-lite organizations like Patriot Prayer and The Proud Boys. This makes them particularly dangerous, as they are able to bring their extreme views and violence into spaces that typically cater to regular conservatives, who they attempt to further radicalize.

Sean is a high-level member within the American Guard. He attended the group’s 2019 leadership conference in Moore Idaho, at Joshua Long’s ranch.

Sean McCann posing with other high ranking members of American Guard, during their leadership convention in July of 2019.

Sean is also close friends with Joshua Long, American Guard’s swastika-tattoo-having vice president, and the subject of one of our recent articles. The two men and their families spend a lot of time together and visit each other with great regularity.

The Longs & McCanns posing together in Idaho.

The pair like each other so much that they even have matching Celtic Cross tattoos.

Sean McCann displaying the Celtic Cross tattoo on his left forearm. It should be noted that the other person in this photo is Ryan Hess, a member of Neo-Nazi gang, Crew 41, who once was arrested with a briefcase full of pipe bombs.

Joshua Long displaying his own Celtic Cross tattoo on his left forearm. This photo was used in our recent article about him.

Like many organizations of its ilk, the American Guard oftentimes claims not be racist or white supremacist in nature or mission. This has been disproved time and time again. From their numerous ties with neo-nazi gangs to their Vice President’s LITERAL SWASTIKA TATTOO, the American Guard does little to hide their true colors. Sean McCann is no different, and he is very public with his own hateful ideology.

In addition to AG, Sean is also a member of The Asatru Folk Assembly, a neo-völkisch pagan organization that the Southern Poverty Law Center defines as a hate group. Asatru is a heathen religion that combines elements of several Scandinavian and Germanic pagan traditions. Not all followers of Asatru are white supremacists, but there are significant portions of the heathen movement that hold such beliefs. The Asatru Folk Assembly is undoubtedly fascist in nature, and restrict their membership to “Aryans” and “Ethnic Europeans”.

Sean’s facebook profile picture with an Astaru Folk Assembly Overlay

Like many pagan Nazis, Sean has an affinity for the Sonnenrad, or The Black Sun, a runic symbol that has a long history of use by white nationalists. It was adopted by the Nazis during WWII, and has long been used as a substitute for the swastika.

Sean’s profile picture with a Sonnenrad overlay.

In addition to all of the above, Sean is also a poster of incredibly cringey facebook content. He frequently jokes about white supremacist and anti-Semitic topics.

This meme depicts Ian Stuart Donaldson, singer of the openly Neo-Nazi oi! band, Skrewdriver. The text on the image is a parody of the lyrics for Skrewdriver’s song ‘Before The Night Falls’. The song’s actual lyrics read, “Before the night falls, heed the white call”.

Here are some more screenshots that show Sean making jokes about the Holocaust.

Sean joking about making lampshades out of the skin of a Jewish person. One of the other commenters cautions Sean not to express any views that might go against American Guard’s sanitized public image.

Sean liking a comment joking about putting Jewish people on trains, a reference to the holocaust.

In addition to the distasteful memes Sean also frequently posts Nazi propaganda and generally hateful bullshit.

This following meme isn’t particularly heinous. We just thought it was funny considering…

Sean is married to Rebecca McCann. She is a new-age “lightworker” and realtor. She generally does not express far-right views online. However, she wears a Mjölnir pendant, which suggests she shares her husband’s hateful, religious, views. The Mjölnir, or Thor’s hammer, is a symbol used by many neo-pagans. It is NOT an explicitly racist or fascist symbol. However, it is used by many white supremacists who practice pagan religions.

When he isn’t busy being a Nazi or working for Nationwide Energy Utah , Sean trains as a bodybuilder at Ironground Gym. He and the rest of American are dangerous, and should be treated with extreme caution.

More information about Sean & Rebecca McCann can be found HERE


This is the third article in our #GarenCollinsMemorialDox series. The other two can be found Here (Joshua Long) and Here (Valerie & Chris Moody). Garen Collins was an American Guard member from Michigan, who passed away this June. By dying cold and alone in the woods, Garen did more good for the world than he ever did while alive. For this, we honor him. May all his compatriots meet the same fate.

‘Coach’ Dave Daubenmire and Pass The Salt Ministries:


“Coach” David Daubenmire, and his church, Pass The Salt Ministry, first came across our radar in June of 2019, when they came to Albany Oregon to disrupt a Pride celebration. There, church members physically and verbally assaulted several of the pride attendees, including young children.

It was after this incident that we learned about David’s long history of hate. He first entered the public eye in the late 1990’s when he was employed by London high school as a football coach. He was caught up in an ACLU church & state lawsuit after forcing students to pray during practice and games. He used the press he received to found Pass The Salt Ministries in 2003. The ministry, and its militant wing ‘The Salt and Light Brigade’, spend their time traveling around the county to threaten and attack people who don’t conform to their niche interpretation of Christianity.

The beliefs of David and his followers range from the expected to the absurd. They are ardent supporters of Donald Trump and other right-wing politicians. They are virulently anti-Muslim, anti-gay, and anti-women’s-rights. Their brand of fascism is particularly insidious because they hold many opinions in common with main-stream conservatives, which are used to draw unsuspecting boomers into a cult full of bizarre lies and hateful bigotry.

Pass The Salt Ministries / The Brigade:

A group photo taken at Pass The Salt’s ‘All Hands On Deck’ event in Thornville, Ohio on 6/15/19

Pass The Salt Ministries was founded to “encourage the Body of Christ to step into the cultural war” []. The group is predicated on a Christian dominionist worldview, and spreads hateful rhetoric wherever it goes. Its persistent bigotry and homophobia have earned it the designation of ‘hate group’ by the Southern Poverty Law Center. David acts as the mouthpiece of the organization, and preaches racism, sexism, and homophobia through goofy football metaphors.

The church gains press, followers, and donations by inserting itself into popular discourse and leeching onto headline news. Instances of this include: Protesting the euthanasia of Terri Schaivo, vocally supporting alleged pedophile and rapist Roy Moore, and even running David in an incredibly unsuccessful congressional campaign. They see these cultural moments as opportunities to give their hateful worldview a larger platform, and cynically capitalize on them in order to get more attention and donations.

One of the key features of the ministry is the ‘Salt and Light Brigade’, a group of David’s followers who work with him to spread his hate. The members of this group often hold public events, where they harass, threaten, and provoke marginalized people. It is common for them to protest at pride celebrations, abortion clinics, mosques, and numerous other places where they aren’t welcome .

The Salt and Light Brigade’s logo

The Brigade is broken into three bootlickingly named components:

-The “Infantry” works behind the scenes to subversively sway opinion in favor of the group. They circulate petitions, call officials, and otherwise influence the ‘powers that be’ to their position.

-The “S.W.A.T. (Spiritual Weapons And Tactics) Team” is the direct action wing of The Brigade. They are the ones who disrupt events, and bring the church’s hate onto the streets.

-The “Air Force” is by far the strangest of the three divisions. It is a group of ‘Prayer Warriors’, who pray to heaven with the intention of weaponizing their god’s will against the enemies of the church.

The Brigade’s events are listed publicly on the church’s website at, and present an good opportunity for antifascists in those areas to do what they do best (wink).

Chapters of the Salt & Light Brigade have been identified in  Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin, and Oregon.

The Church has, for years, spent its time traveling around the country hosting ‘huddles’, and ‘scrimmages’. These huddles are part sermon and part training. They feature speeches from David, and other religious figures, often local pastors. They also contain sections where they train attendees to protest and engage in direct action. Occasionally, the huddles are more militant in nature, and have featured firearm and survivalist trainings.

An event posted on that advertises weapons and survival skills workshops.

The ‘scrimmages’ usually occur after the huddles at a location close to that of the earlier event. They are an opportunity for the participants to join David in direct action. They usually involve protesting an abortion clinic, a queer space, or a church whose teachings they disagree with.

An example of the way this system works is their aforementioned disruption of a Pride celebration in Albany, Oregon. David and a group of his followers gathered for a huddle on the property of Tim Tubra on June 21st, and on the 22nd, they traveled a few miles to Albany, where they proceeded to harass and attack the Pride attendees.

A flyer for the ‘Huddle’ in Scio Oregon.


The organization fundraises through Patreon, and on their website through Stripe. They evidently make a lot of money this way, as in 2016, they reported nearly $250,000 in income.  They also sell merchandise on their website via WooCommerce.

Members of the church and the brigade can often be identified by their distinctive red and blue baseball caps (pictured below) that feature a cross on the front, and the phrase ‘CoachDaveLive’ across the back. They also frequently wear shirts from the CoachDaveLive store, some of which are pictured below.

Minutemen United:

Daubenmire is also the head of a group called Minutemen United, a group of dominionist Christian pastors that struggle against a perceived excess of tolerance in American Christianity. The organization’s primary functions seem to be disrupting the services of churches that they deem too accepting of LGBTQ+ people, writing nonsensical tirades on their outdated website, and posting egregious boomer memes on their facebook page. The Minutemen seem to be one of the least active of David’s projects, but they maintain an active internet presence and semi-regular radio show.

The logo of Minutemen United

Coach Dave Live:

David also hosts a daily podcast that he uses to broadcast his hateful screeds in front of a green screen football stadium backdrop. Nearly every hour of the broadcast is full of homophobia, racism, antisemitism, and incoherent yelling about the devil.

Highlights from his show include:

Daubenmire comparing "multiculturalism" to AIDSDescribing multiculturalism as ‘Cultural Aids’

Daubenmire quote "I don't want to sound racist but"

If you have to start your sentence with “I don’t want to sound racist” you are definitely racist.

Bashing interracial marriage, with bonus antisemitism (citing the ‘New World Order‘ conspiracy theory and dogwhistle)

Daubenmire defending a pedophile because of high political stakesDefending the pedophilia of Roy Moore

Daubenmire calling Obama voters "phony black Christians"Calling Barack Obama a ‘Quasi-Muslim Freak’

Daubenmire says "bigot" is an insult

An eerily similar sentiment to what was painted on the back of Jimmy Marr’s truck when he fucked around and found out in Corvallis last December.

Saying that the term ‘bigot’ is as bad as the N-word

Daubenmire spouts a real out there conspiracy theory involving abortions being child blood sacrifices to make drugs

Where to even begin with this one?

Claiming that abortions are a cover for child sacrifices and adrenochrome harvesting

There are hundreds upon hundreds of hours of this content, and it is all batshit crazy. If you feel the need to subject yourself to any more of his bile, archives can be found on Youtube and on his website.


Daubenmire’s 37 y/o son Zachary is a sex offender. He was arrested and convicted for the possession of child pornography in 2007 while he was living at home with his family. The pornography was discovered on the family’s home computer, which was also presumably used by David and his wife Michelle. Daubenmire, despite being vocally anti-pornography, and constantly claiming that LGBTQ+ people are pedophiles, publicly defended his son, and asked for lenient sentencing, revealing his total lack of principle. He later used his connections to get Zachary a job at Weaver Law Offices, after the Ohio Supreme Court allowed Zachary to take the bar exam despite his felony conviction.



David Daubenmire

More information HERE


The following associates have helped organize public events with Pass the Salt Ministries. Their affiliation with Daubenmire is a huge aspect of each of their public personas.

Tim Tubra

Tim Tubra is the leader of the Northwest Salt & Light Brigade chapter in Scio Oregon. Tim is a former pastor, who is best known for winning a high profile supreme court case against a church that he worked for. Tim is the person responsible for bringing the Salt & Light brigade to disrupt Albany pride.

Affiliation: NW Salt & Light Brigade

Location: Scio, Or

More information HERE

Chad & Michelle Estes

Chad and Michelle Estes are members of the Greater Texas Salt & Light Brigade, and Chad is listed as the host of many events on Pass the Salt’s website. They are the owners of Estes Ranch in Moody Texas, where many of these events are held. The Greater Texas Salt & Light Brigade frequently protests outside of abortion clinics, and has previously coordinated with Infowars. They are some of the most militant of Daubenmire’s followers, and Chad’s youtube channel is full of weapons training videos.

Affiliation: Greater Texas Salt & Light Brigade

Location: Moody, Tx

More Information HERE

Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee is one of the leaders of the Pennsylvania chapter of The Salt & Light Brigade. He runs the youtube channel WakeUp508, where he posts long rants from the front seat of his car. He travels to many of the Brigade’s events across the country and documents them on video.

Affiliation: Pennsylvania Salt & Light Brigade

Location: Trexlertown, Pa

More information HERE

Ray & Jein Leblanc / Rob & Lisa Pue

Ray Leblanc & Rob Pue are the leaders of the Wisconsin Salt and Light Brigade. They also run Wisconsin Christian News, a print news letter and website. Wisconsin Christian News pedals similar drivel to that of Daubenmire. It is frequently full of homophobia and general nonsense.

Affiliation: Wisconsin Salt & Light Brigade / Wisconsin Christian News

Location: Wausau, Wi

More information HERE

Michael & Pauline ‘Paulie’ Heath

Mike and Pauline Heath are a christian dominionist power couple. They are members of the Salt and Light Brigade, but they also run Helping Hands Ministries out of their house in Chelsea Maine. Michael and Pauline each have their own websites, where they each write blogs. Both of their blogs feature constant themes of homo/transphobia, and constant attacks on people who get abortions.

Affiliation: Salt & Light Brigade / Helping Hands Ministries

Location Chelsea, Me

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