Sean Wulfe McCann: American Guard’s Largest Lad

We are continuing our series of articles revealing members of the American Guard. This article details Sean McCann, the president of the organization’s Utah chapter. Sean lives in Sandy, Utah, with his wife and two young sons.

The American Guard is a group the Anti-Defamation League  describes as “Hardcore White Supremacists”. The organization was founded in Indiana by Brien James, a former Klansman and one of the founders of the violent bonehead (neo-nazi skinhead) gang, Vinlanders Social Club.  The American Guard has deep ties to other open white nationalist gangs like The Hammerskins, The Traditionalist Workers Party, and The Aryan Nations. Unlike many of these other, more overt, groups, they also associate with alt-lite organizations like Patriot Prayer and The Proud Boys. This makes them particularly dangerous, as they are able to bring their extreme views and violence into spaces that typically cater to regular conservatives, who they attempt to further radicalize.

Sean is a high-level member within the American Guard. He attended the group’s 2019 leadership conference in Moore Idaho, at Joshua Long’s ranch.

Sean McCann posing with other high ranking members of American Guard, during their leadership convention in July of 2019.

Sean is also close friends with Joshua Long, American Guard’s swastika-tattoo-having vice president, and the subject of one of our recent articles. The two men and their families spend a lot of time together and visit each other with great regularity.

The Longs & McCanns posing together in Idaho.

The pair like each other so much that they even have matching Celtic Cross tattoos.

Sean McCann displaying the Celtic Cross tattoo on his left forearm. It should be noted that the other person in this photo is Ryan Hess, a member of Neo-Nazi gang, Crew 41, who once was arrested with a briefcase full of pipe bombs.

Joshua Long displaying his own Celtic Cross tattoo on his left forearm. This photo was used in our recent article about him.

Like many organizations of its ilk, the American Guard oftentimes claims not be racist or white supremacist in nature or mission. This has been disproved time and time again. From their numerous ties with neo-nazi gangs to their Vice President’s LITERAL SWASTIKA TATTOO, the American Guard does little to hide their true colors. Sean McCann is no different, and he is very public with his own hateful ideology.

In addition to AG, Sean is also a member of The Asatru Folk Assembly, a neo-völkisch pagan organization that the Southern Poverty Law Center defines as a hate group. Asatru is a heathen religion that combines elements of several Scandinavian and Germanic pagan traditions. Not all followers of Asatru are white supremacists, but there are significant portions of the heathen movement that hold such beliefs. The Asatru Folk Assembly is undoubtedly fascist in nature, and restrict their membership to “Aryans” and “Ethnic Europeans”.

Sean’s facebook profile picture with an Astaru Folk Assembly Overlay

Like many pagan Nazis, Sean has an affinity for the Sonnenrad, or The Black Sun, a runic symbol that has a long history of use by white nationalists. It was adopted by the Nazis during WWII, and has long been used as a substitute for the swastika.

Sean’s profile picture with a Sonnenrad overlay.

In addition to all of the above, Sean is also a poster of incredibly cringey facebook content. He frequently jokes about white supremacist and anti-Semitic topics.

This meme depicts Ian Stuart Donaldson, singer of the openly Neo-Nazi oi! band, Skrewdriver. The text on the image is a parody of the lyrics for Skrewdriver’s song ‘Before The Night Falls’. The song’s actual lyrics read, “Before the night falls, heed the white call”.

Here are some more screenshots that show Sean making jokes about the Holocaust.

Sean joking about making lampshades out of the skin of a Jewish person. One of the other commenters cautions Sean not to express any views that might go against American Guard’s sanitized public image.

Sean liking a comment joking about putting Jewish people on trains, a reference to the holocaust.

In addition to the distasteful memes Sean also frequently posts Nazi propaganda and generally hateful bullshit.

This following meme isn’t particularly heinous. We just thought it was funny considering…

Sean is married to Rebecca McCann. She is a new-age “lightworker” and realtor. She generally does not express far-right views online. However, she wears a Mjölnir pendant, which suggests she shares her husband’s hateful, religious, views. The Mjölnir, or Thor’s hammer, is a symbol used by many neo-pagans. It is NOT an explicitly racist or fascist symbol. However, it is used by many white supremacists who practice pagan religions.

When he isn’t busy being a Nazi or working for Nationwide Energy Utah , Sean trains as a bodybuilder at Ironground Gym. He and the rest of American are dangerous, and should be treated with extreme caution.

More information about Sean & Rebecca McCann can be found HERE


This is the third article in our #GarenCollinsMemorialDox series. The other two can be found Here (Joshua Long) and Here (Valerie & Chris Moody). Garen Collins was an American Guard member from Michigan, who passed away this June. By dying cold and alone in the woods, Garen did more good for the world than he ever did while alive. For this, we honor him. May all his compatriots meet the same fate.

‘Coach’ Dave Daubenmire and Pass The Salt Ministries:


“Coach” David Daubenmire, and his church, Pass The Salt Ministry, first came across our radar in June of 2019, when they came to Albany Oregon to disrupt a Pride celebration. There, church members physically and verbally assaulted several of the pride attendees, including young children.

It was after this incident that we learned about David’s long history of hate. He first entered the public eye in the late 1990’s when he was employed by London high school as a football coach. He was caught up in an ACLU church & state lawsuit after forcing students to pray during practice and games. He used the press he received to found Pass The Salt Ministries in 2003. The ministry, and its militant wing ‘The Salt and Light Brigade’, spend their time traveling around the county to threaten and attack people who don’t conform to their niche interpretation of Christianity.

The beliefs of David and his followers range from the expected to the absurd. They are ardent supporters of Donald Trump and other right-wing politicians. They are virulently anti-Muslim, anti-gay, and anti-women’s-rights. Their brand of fascism is particularly insidious because they hold many opinions in common with main-stream conservatives, which are used to draw unsuspecting boomers into a cult full of bizarre lies and hateful bigotry.

Pass The Salt Ministries / The Brigade:

A group photo taken at Pass The Salt’s ‘All Hands On Deck’ event in Thornville, Ohio on 6/15/19

Pass The Salt Ministries was founded to “encourage the Body of Christ to step into the cultural war” []. The group is predicated on a Christian dominionist worldview, and spreads hateful rhetoric wherever it goes. Its persistent bigotry and homophobia have earned it the designation of ‘hate group’ by the Southern Poverty Law Center. David acts as the mouthpiece of the organization, and preaches racism, sexism, and homophobia through goofy football metaphors.

The church gains press, followers, and donations by inserting itself into popular discourse and leeching onto headline news. Instances of this include: Protesting the euthanasia of Terri Schaivo, vocally supporting alleged pedophile and rapist Roy Moore, and even running David in an incredibly unsuccessful congressional campaign. They see these cultural moments as opportunities to give their hateful worldview a larger platform, and cynically capitalize on them in order to get more attention and donations.

One of the key features of the ministry is the ‘Salt and Light Brigade’, a group of David’s followers who work with him to spread his hate. The members of this group often hold public events, where they harass, threaten, and provoke marginalized people. It is common for them to protest at pride celebrations, abortion clinics, mosques, and numerous other places where they aren’t welcome .

The Salt and Light Brigade’s logo

The Brigade is broken into three bootlickingly named components:

-The “Infantry” works behind the scenes to subversively sway opinion in favor of the group. They circulate petitions, call officials, and otherwise influence the ‘powers that be’ to their position.

-The “S.W.A.T. (Spiritual Weapons And Tactics) Team” is the direct action wing of The Brigade. They are the ones who disrupt events, and bring the church’s hate onto the streets.

-The “Air Force” is by far the strangest of the three divisions. It is a group of ‘Prayer Warriors’, who pray to heaven with the intention of weaponizing their god’s will against the enemies of the church.

The Brigade’s events are listed publicly on the church’s website at, and present an good opportunity for antifascists in those areas to do what they do best (wink).

Chapters of the Salt & Light Brigade have been identified in  Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin, and Oregon.

The Church has, for years, spent its time traveling around the country hosting ‘huddles’, and ‘scrimmages’. These huddles are part sermon and part training. They feature speeches from David, and other religious figures, often local pastors. They also contain sections where they train attendees to protest and engage in direct action. Occasionally, the huddles are more militant in nature, and have featured firearm and survivalist trainings.

An event posted on that advertises weapons and survival skills workshops.

The ‘scrimmages’ usually occur after the huddles at a location close to that of the earlier event. They are an opportunity for the participants to join David in direct action. They usually involve protesting an abortion clinic, a queer space, or a church whose teachings they disagree with.

An example of the way this system works is their aforementioned disruption of a Pride celebration in Albany, Oregon. David and a group of his followers gathered for a huddle on the property of Tim Tubra on June 21st, and on the 22nd, they traveled a few miles to Albany, where they proceeded to harass and attack the Pride attendees.

A flyer for the ‘Huddle’ in Scio Oregon.


The organization fundraises through Patreon, and on their website through Stripe. They evidently make a lot of money this way, as in 2016, they reported nearly $250,000 in income.  They also sell merchandise on their website via WooCommerce.

Members of the church and the brigade can often be identified by their distinctive red and blue baseball caps (pictured below) that feature a cross on the front, and the phrase ‘CoachDaveLive’ across the back. They also frequently wear shirts from the CoachDaveLive store, some of which are pictured below.

Minutemen United:

Daubenmire is also the head of a group called Minutemen United, a group of dominionist Christian pastors that struggle against a perceived excess of tolerance in American Christianity. The organization’s primary functions seem to be disrupting the services of churches that they deem too accepting of LGBTQ+ people, writing nonsensical tirades on their outdated website, and posting egregious boomer memes on their facebook page. The Minutemen seem to be one of the least active of David’s projects, but they maintain an active internet presence and semi-regular radio show.

The logo of Minutemen United

Coach Dave Live:

David also hosts a daily podcast that he uses to broadcast his hateful screeds in front of a green screen football stadium backdrop. Nearly every hour of the broadcast is full of homophobia, racism, antisemitism, and incoherent yelling about the devil.

Highlights from his show include:

Daubenmire comparing "multiculturalism" to AIDSDescribing multiculturalism as ‘Cultural Aids’

Daubenmire quote "I don't want to sound racist but"

If you have to start your sentence with “I don’t want to sound racist” you are definitely racist.

Bashing interracial marriage, with bonus antisemitism (citing the ‘New World Order‘ conspiracy theory and dogwhistle)

Daubenmire defending a pedophile because of high political stakesDefending the pedophilia of Roy Moore

Daubenmire calling Obama voters "phony black Christians"Calling Barack Obama a ‘Quasi-Muslim Freak’

Daubenmire says "bigot" is an insult

An eerily similar sentiment to what was painted on the back of Jimmy Marr’s truck when he fucked around and found out in Corvallis last December.

Saying that the term ‘bigot’ is as bad as the N-word

Daubenmire spouts a real out there conspiracy theory involving abortions being child blood sacrifices to make drugs

Where to even begin with this one?

Claiming that abortions are a cover for child sacrifices and adrenochrome harvesting

There are hundreds upon hundreds of hours of this content, and it is all batshit crazy. If you feel the need to subject yourself to any more of his bile, archives can be found on Youtube and on his website.


Daubenmire’s 37 y/o son Zachary is a sex offender. He was arrested and convicted for the possession of child pornography in 2007 while he was living at home with his family. The pornography was discovered on the family’s home computer, which was also presumably used by David and his wife Michelle. Daubenmire, despite being vocally anti-pornography, and constantly claiming that LGBTQ+ people are pedophiles, publicly defended his son, and asked for lenient sentencing, revealing his total lack of principle. He later used his connections to get Zachary a job at Weaver Law Offices, after the Ohio Supreme Court allowed Zachary to take the bar exam despite his felony conviction.



David Daubenmire

More information HERE


The following associates have helped organize public events with Pass the Salt Ministries. Their affiliation with Daubenmire is a huge aspect of each of their public personas.

Tim Tubra

Tim Tubra is the leader of the Northwest Salt & Light Brigade chapter in Scio Oregon. Tim is a former pastor, who is best known for winning a high profile supreme court case against a church that he worked for. Tim is the person responsible for bringing the Salt & Light brigade to disrupt Albany pride.

Affiliation: NW Salt & Light Brigade

Location: Scio, Or

More information HERE

Chad & Michelle Estes

Chad and Michelle Estes are members of the Greater Texas Salt & Light Brigade, and Chad is listed as the host of many events on Pass the Salt’s website. They are the owners of Estes Ranch in Moody Texas, where many of these events are held. The Greater Texas Salt & Light Brigade frequently protests outside of abortion clinics, and has previously coordinated with Infowars. They are some of the most militant of Daubenmire’s followers, and Chad’s youtube channel is full of weapons training videos.

Affiliation: Greater Texas Salt & Light Brigade

Location: Moody, Tx

More Information HERE

Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee is one of the leaders of the Pennsylvania chapter of The Salt & Light Brigade. He runs the youtube channel WakeUp508, where he posts long rants from the front seat of his car. He travels to many of the Brigade’s events across the country and documents them on video.

Affiliation: Pennsylvania Salt & Light Brigade

Location: Trexlertown, Pa

More information HERE

Ray & Jein Leblanc / Rob & Lisa Pue

Ray Leblanc & Rob Pue are the leaders of the Wisconsin Salt and Light Brigade. They also run Wisconsin Christian News, a print news letter and website. Wisconsin Christian News pedals similar drivel to that of Daubenmire. It is frequently full of homophobia and general nonsense.

Affiliation: Wisconsin Salt & Light Brigade / Wisconsin Christian News

Location: Wausau, Wi

More information HERE

Michael & Pauline ‘Paulie’ Heath

Mike and Pauline Heath are a christian dominionist power couple. They are members of the Salt and Light Brigade, but they also run Helping Hands Ministries out of their house in Chelsea Maine. Michael and Pauline each have their own websites, where they each write blogs. Both of their blogs feature constant themes of homo/transphobia, and constant attacks on people who get abortions.

Affiliation: Salt & Light Brigade / Helping Hands Ministries

Location Chelsea, Me

More information HERE

Joshua Long: American Guard’s Worst Liar


Joshua Long is the vice president of the American Guard and is a member of the Proud Boys. He lives on a ranch in Moore, Idaho, with his wife, Kasey Long and three young daughters.

Joshua is one of the co-founders of the American Guard, and he acts as the group’s vice president. The president of the organization is Brien James, a former Klansman, Hammerskin, and founder of the Vinlanders Social Club, a violent neo-nazi gang that is linked to numerous murders across the country.

The American Guard has deep ties to open white nationalist gangs like The Hammerskins, The Traditionalist Workers Party, and The Aryan Nations. Unlike many of these other, more overt, groups, they also associate with alt-lite organizations like Patriot Prayer and The Proud Boys. This makes them particularly dangerous, as they are able to bring their extreme views and violence into spaces that typically cater to regular conservatives, who they attempt to further radicalize.

Like the American Guard as a whole, Joshua Long frequently claims to not be a racist. Describing himself as a ‘Constitutional Nationalist‘. However, like the rest of the group, his rhetorical veil is paper thin. He has a long history with the white supremacist movement, and this tacky rebrand does not mean anything other than a flimsy attempt to deceive causal onlookers.

Joshua is a former member of The Hated, a neo-nazi bonehead gang. Below, he is pictured wearing a shirt with The Hated’s logo. The number 14 in the logo is a reference to the ‘fourteen words’, a popular neo-nazi slogan.

Joshua wearing a bomber jacket with an embroidered patch that reads ‘HATED’

Joshua’s commitment to the white nationalist cause is so strong, that he literally bears the movement’s symbols in his skin. He has at least three identified white nationalist tattoos that he displays proudly.  On his left arm, he has a Swastika, a Celtic Cross and a Totenkopf, all of which have a deep history in past and present Nazi movements.

A photo of Joshua showing off his muscles and the Swastika tattoo on the back of his left arm.

Joshua Long’s celtic cross tattoo on the front of his left elbow. It should be noted that the shirt Long is wearing in this photo is merchandise of the right wing punk band ‘Antiseen’, and the it’s design is intended to invoke the Nazi eagle holding a confederate flag.

A picture on Joshua Long’s left forearm he posted on Facebook

In addition to his role in American Guard leadership, Joshua is also a member of the Proud Boys, alongside Brien James. The Proud Boys often claim that they are not racist, and are rather “western chauvinists”. The organization frequently claims that they do not harbor any racists or fascists in their ranks. The fact that they have members like Long and James is clear proof that this is a lie.

Joshua has been a key part of many of American Guard’s actions and events.

He participated in the Indianapolis MAGA march on March 5th 2017. The march was the first major event American Guard had a presence in, and it served as a catalyst for the organization. It has been reported that the march featured people wearing Vinlanders gear and throwing white nationalist gang signs.

Members of The American Guard at the Indianapolis MAGA march. The shields invoke the logo of the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights, the militant wing of the Proud Boys.

In July of 2019, he hosted the group’s annual leadership gathering on his family’s ranch in Moore Idaho. There, members from across the country shot guns, sat in hot tubs, and planned for the organization’s future.

A group photo taken from the American Guard’s leadership conference.

On August 17th 2019, Joshua was a part of the American Guard contingent of Joe Bigg’s “End Domestic Terrorism” rally. The group traveled from across the country on an armored bus, carrying firearms and other weapons. One California member, Mark Quon, attacked an antifascist counter-protestor with a hammer, before being disarmed and smacked with it.

The American Guard in Portland on 8/17/19. Information about the Moodys, Kristopher Wyrick, and Mark Quon can be found by clicking their respective links.

Joshua works as a long haul truck driver. He is frequently traveling in Oregon, Utah, California, and other western states.

When he isn’t on the road, Joshua lives with his family on a ranch in Moore Idaho.

He and Kasey have three young daughters, two of whom are elementary school aged. The couple claims to be homeschooling their children, and have expressed their intent to raise them with their own toxic ideology.

In this Facebook post, Long describes his attempts to homeschool his young daughters, and imprint them with his own reactionary politics.

This has been proven effective. Joshua also has an adult daughter, Callie Long, who lives in New Mexico, and has taken to repping a backpatch for the explicitly white supremacist, black metal band Burzum.

Joshua Long encourages his daughter to wear merchandise for the neo-nazi black metal band, Burzum

Joshua Long is a white nationalist, pure and simple. He and his fellow American Guard members present a legitimate danger to society, and should be treated with upmost caution.

Information about the couple’s whereabouts and employment can be found: HERE

Thank you to Colorado Springs Antifascists, Eugene Antifa, and Long Beach Antifa for their work tracking and documenting the American Guard.

Please send us any tips regarding the Longs and their whereabouts at

Valerie & Chris Moody: American Guard’s (White) Power Couple

Valerie and Chris Moody are members of the Utah Chapter of American Guard. On August 17th of 2019, they traveled across the county to Portland Oregon to participate in Joe Biggs’ ill fated “End Domestic Terrorism” rally. It is safe to assume that the group came to Portland with the express intention of engaging Oregonians in physical violence. They traveled in an armored bus, and members brought weapons, including firearms. One California member, Mark Quon, attacked an antifascist with a hammer before being disarmed and smacked with it.

The Moodys posing with the American Guard contingent of the Portland protest.

The American Guard is described by the Anti-Defamation League as “Hardcore White Supremacists”. The organization was started in Indiana by Brien James, a former Klansman and one of the founders of the violent bonehead (neo-nazi skinhead) gang, Vinlanders Social Club.  The American Guard has deep ties to other open white nationalist gangs like The Hammerskins, The Traditionalist Workers Party, and The Aryan Nations. Unlike many of these other, more overt, groups, they also associate with alt-lite organizations like Patriot Prayer and The Proud Boys. This makes them particularly dangerous, as they are able to bring their extreme views and violence into spaces that typically cater to regular conservatives, who they attempt to further radicalize.

The American Guard has engaged in physical political violence at rallies across the country. They are incredibly dangerous, and their members & associates should be treated with extreme caution.

Valerie serves as the National Spokesperson for American Guard and Chris is the Vice President of the Utah Chapter. As the National Spokesperson, Valerie authors the organization’s press releases, and the group’s website directs press inquiries to her.

Valerie and Chris also have ties to Salt Lake’s metal scene. Chris is the drummer for (fucking awful) dad metal band Fear Through Flame. It is unknown if the band is still active. Valerie also helped to found Salt Lake MetalFest, a long running music festival.

Information about the pair’s whereabouts and employment can be found: HERE




Please send us any tips regarding the Moodys and their whereabouts at

Thank you to Colorado Springs Antifascists, Eugene Antifa, and Long Beach Antifa for their work tracking and documenting the American Guard.

White Nationalist “Bart” Degeneffe Infiltrating Corvallis Conservatives


Bartholomew “Bart” Degeneffe is a self-described white nationalist living in Corvallis. He is a close friend of Andrew Oswalt, the well-known Nazi that served on the OSU student government and was charged with a hate crime last year. Bartholomew spends his free time harassing local community members, both online and at protests, as well as sowing the seeds of white nationalism in local conservative groups, including the Three Percenters.

Bartholomew lives in Corvallis, OR. His phone number is (541) 829-8530. He does not own a car, and rides a red hybrid bicycle.

As of June 6th, 2019 Bartholomew works as a night stocker at the Philomath Boulevard Safeway.  Their phone number is (541) 738-2100, in case you’d like to let them know how you feel about their employee (his last name is pronounced “day-jenn-EFF”).

Many Corvallis community members are aware of Bartholmew as a conservative agitator who frequently attends local progressive and leftist events to harass and film participants, including a trans visibility rally and an anti-Kavanaugh protest.  He also enjoys picking fights in OSU newspaper op-eds and community Facebook groups, and was banned from popular group Corvallis People for harassment.  What most Corvallis residents may not know is that Bartholomew is also an outright white nationalist and fascist actively trying to normalize these beliefs by masking them with mainstream conservative rhetoric.

Corvallis Antifa has obtained chat logs from an infiltrator posing as a literal, unapologetic Nazi (referred to in the below logs as “Christian” and “SpiderCraft”) that reveal Bartholomew’s deeply fascist beliefs, his relationship with Andrew Oswalt, and his attempts to radicalize (or “red-pill”) conservatives in the Corvallis community into white nationalists.

What makes Bartholomew so dangerous is that he has successfully integrated himself into the mainstream conservative infrastructure of the Corvallis area despite his radical fascist views. He is a fixture in the various conservative Facebook groups and helps organize regular flag waves and other events. We cannot allow him to poison the discourse within these conservative groups and further normalize white nationalist rhetoric in our community. In this document, we will reveal the true extent of his despicable views in his own words, and provide indisputable proof that his presence within the Corvallis conservative movement is dangerous.


Bartholomew discussing which Facebook groups are most vulnerable to infiltration, as well as disclosing personal info of moderators.


“OSU Nazi” Andrew Oswalt describing how Bartholomew promotes white nationalism while remaining mainstream – and assuring he would never reveal anyone’s personal info. Oops!


None of this would be cause for alarm if Bartholomew’s actual ideology weren’t as toxic as it is. As you’re about to see, he is a genuine white nationalist and fascist who loathes racial and religious minorities and women and fantasizes about violence.


We hope you find the above message as horrifying as we did. In a single message, Bartholomew fantasizes about murdering the homeless, engages in casual racism, praises Pinochet, admits to being a white nationalist and reading Nazi propaganda, and uses the neo-Nazi (((echoes))) meme. More insidiously, he discusses his strategy for shifting his own rhetoric in conservative circles, and mentions doing the same to the OSU Republicans club. This man exists in your social circles and is intentionally employing argumentative strategies to normalize xenophobia, neo-Nazism, and hate.


Bartholomew suggests America would be better off if women had no rights and black people were kept as slaves. He also rants against multiculturalism and claims the Founding Fathers wanted America to be a “White ethnostate”.


Bartholomew misgenders former city council candidate Paige Kreisman, derides her for being Jewish, and uses “echoes” to imply that community member Steve Schultz is secretly a Jew. (He’s also hilariously wrong about us – Paige no longer lives in Corvallis and had no affiliation with our group, and we didn’t even know who Steve was until we googled him.)


Please join us in rejecting hate in the Corvallis community.  We cannot allow this man to continue to spread his hateful ideology, and we urge you to stop associating with Bartholomew and make it clear that his neo-fascist beliefs are not welcome here.





We have uncropped versions of all these communications and more, as well as extensive email communications with Andrew Oswalt, available on request.

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