Wolf Brigade & Greg Walsh: Hipster Gym Nazis Fuck Off

Wolf Brigade is a Gym located in Rochester, New York, with at least 10 other affiliated gyms across the US and Canada. It is owned and operated by Greg Walsh. On its face, it looks like any other hipster Crossfit facility. It’s edgy aesthetics & Greg’s tyler-durden-wannabe ramblings have garnered a large instagram following, and have secured the gym a partnership with ROUGE fitness.

The gym has gained particular renown for selling engraved maces, and an absurdly wide variety of overpriced black metal font t-shirts.

We are writing about the Greg and his gym because of its affiliations with Fascist groups, Operation Werewolf and The Wolves of Vinland.


 The Wolves of Vinland & Operation Werewolf:

The Wolves of Vinland is a fascist, neo-pagan, cult that primarily operates around the US. (This isn’t us editorializing. They openly describe themselves as a cult). They were founded about a decade ago by brothers Paul and Mattais Waggener.

Paul Waggener posing with Greg Walsh at Devotion Jiu-Jitsu, a gym run by Wolves of Vinland members.

The cult bases its ideology on Germanic paganism and the writings of Italian fascist philosopher, Julius Evola. Evola was a 20th century Nazi who felt that Mussolini was not nearly radical enough and that Hitler’s SS was the template for an ideal society. His philosophy focuses heavily on occultism, tribalism, and strict adherence to tradition. The influence of Evola’s philosophy thoroughly permeates the Wolves of Vinland’s propaganda. They are intensely focused on the concepts of tribalism, traditionalism, and hyper masculinity.

The Wolves style themselves after 1%’er motorcycle clubs, and have adopted their feeder group model. A feeder group is a larger organization of supporters that that the main organization draws members and money from. The Wolves feeder group is Operation Werewolf.

The Totenwolf, the logo of Operation Werewolf. Named after the Totenkopf, a symbol used by Hitler’s SS during WWII.

Operation Werewolf is structured similarly to the Wolves of Vinland, but the members adhere less tightly to the spiritual beliefs and practices of their cultish leaders. That doesn’t mean they’re any less fascistic though. Their name itself derives from ‘Operation Werewolf‘, a military plan created by Adolph Hitler and Heinrich Himmler at the end of WWII that involved decentralized groups of SS soldiers carrying out military operations behind enemy lines.

To illustrate the kind of people Operation Werewolf attracts, here is a sample of some of their most unpleasant members:

Jake & Gabriel Laskey are members of Operation Werewolf. The pair are overt white supremacists with a long history of violence. In 2007, they attacked a synagogue in Eugene Oregon by throwing rocks etched with swastikas through the windows during a service. Jake is currently in prison after he stabbed one of his friends at a party.

Maurice Michaely is an Operation Werewolf and Wolves of Vinland member who made headlines when he burned down a black church in 2012 and went to prison for two years. Paul Waggener expressed support for Maurice on social media, and Maurice continues to work with the organization.

Jack Donovan is one of the key organizers of Operation Werewolf and the Wolves of Vinland.  He is an author and moderately prominent figure in the Men’s Rights Movement. Donovan describes himself as an anarcho-fascist, and has deep ties in the Alt-Right. He has spoken at conferences put on by Richard Spencer’s think tank, the National Policy Institute, and American Renaissance, the White Supremacist  magazine run by Jared Taylor.

Jack Donovan wearing an Operation Werewolf tank top.

For more information about the ideology and history of these groups, we strongly suggest reading “The Wolves of Vinland: a Fascist Countercultural “Tribe” in the Pacific Northwest” by our comrades in Rose City Antifa.

Wolf Brigade’s Fascist Ties:

Wolf Brigade Gym has had a long and close relationship with Operation Werewolf. In 2018, the two organizations Co-Created “The Initium Pact” under the name ”Lupus Ludus” (latin for wolf game). The pact was a 30 day fitness regimen that involved AMA’s with Paul Waggener and competitions with other participants.

A facebook post describing the particulars of the program

Interestingly enough, the regimen’s logo bears a striking resemblance to the ‘Kolovrat’, a Russian version of  the swastika that is frequently used by eastern european Neo-Nazis.

In addition to his collaboration on Lupus Ludus, Greg Walsh has also been a featured instructor at Operation Werewolf’s annual ‘Lupine Equinox Conclave’. The conclave is an annual gathering in Lynchberg Va, where participants listen to shitty NSBM bands, lift weights, and preform ritual animal sacrifice.

Wolf Brigade Gym is not forthright with its politics. However, much of their rhetoric mirrors that of Operation Werewolf. Their posts frequently contain language that venerates strength and tradition, and much of Walsh’s writing focuses on his hatred for human weakness.

We suspect their intention is to lure unsuspecting fitness enthusiasts into spaces where they can be radicalized into more hateful beliefs, while still allowing the gym to make money from t-shirt sales. That said, it is not uncommon for the gym to drop little hints about their politics.

One of the most obvious of these hints is their Brand Ambassador patch. It is designed in the style of a Waffen-SS divisional insignia.

Many hardcore Neo-Nazi groups also utilize this format for their logos. It is especially popular among those who advocate terrorism like Atomwaffen Division and The Aryan Terror Brigade.

In addition to the above, Greg has posted images of the Totenkopf on his personal Instagram account. The symbol was used by the SS throughout WWII, and has been adopted by the American white nationalist movement as one of its foremost symbols.

He also posted a picture of a shirt featuring the character, ‘Bill the Butcher’ from the movie Gangs of New York. Several white power groups use images of the character, most notably, American Guard. (psst… y’all should check out some of our articles exposing the american guard at cvantifa.noblogs.org)


The most disturbing part of this article is likely the Wolf Brigade ‘Cubs’ program, a collaboration between the gym and Klem Road North Elementary School in Webster, NY. It is taught by Wolf Brigade employees Heather McAllister & Sarah Harding. The program features workouts designed by Wolf Brigade staff as well as broad ideological life lessons.

A group of students in the cubs program

While it doesn’t seem like the program explicitly teaches white nationalism to children, their Instagram makes it apparent that the instructors are imparting the students with the building blocks of the Wolves of Vinland’s fascistic ideology.

Their posts routinely stress the importance of individuality, strength, and a return to nature. There isn’t anything wrong with these ideas on their face, but they begin to look a bit more sinister given their larger context.

The fact that Klem Road North Elementary allows a gym that trains violent Neo-Nazis to teach their students is incredibly concerning. It shows a massive lack of due diligence from the school’s administration. We sincerely hope that they reconsider this deal when informed about the content of this article. You can let them know by calling them at (585) 872-1770.

NOTE: As of Dec 16 2019, Wolf Brigade Cubs no longer operates in Klem Road North Elementary.

Wolf Brigade runs a program called the Public Assistance Project. The project is a series of workout plans that the gym produces. Groups around the country gather to do these workouts. Several of these sessions occur at Wolf Brigade branches, which we will discuss in the next section of this article.

A list of Public Assistance Project locations

It is also important to note that, reminiscent of the Lupus Ludus design, the logo for this project is meant to look like a pagan symbol. In this case, it is Mjölnir. The symbol is used by many white supremacists as an identifier and a religious symbol. It is, however, important to note that not all neo-pagans who use the symbol are fascists. Given the larger context of this article, the symbol’s intention is clear.


Wolf Brigade has numerous branch gyms across the country and Canada. They vary in discipline, but they all utilize similar aesthetics and messaging. Several of these gyms are run by Operation Werewolf members and affiliates. Here are some of the affiliated gyms’ owners:

Kyle Helsper is an Operation werewolf member, a tattoo artist, and a Jiu-Jitsu instructor who resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. He used to operate Iron & Blood Strength & Conditioning until the business failed (it should be noted that “Iron & Blood” is one of Operation Werewolf’s favorite taglines). Kyle has a real passion for Nazi face tattoos. We have documented some of them below.

Leah Deveau aka Leileh Devi is a Yoga instructor working out of The Yoga Space in Portland Oregon. Operation werewolf claims her as a member in the first issue of their blog, ‘inner circle’. Her assumed name is a reference to Savitri Devi, a french occultist and National Socialist who was inspired by Julius Evola. She has taught at the Lupine Equinox Conclave alongside Greg.

NOTE: Leah is no longer employed by The Yoga Space in Portland. We have compiled a detailed twitter thread about her HERE. Additionally, some readers have notified us that ‘Devi’ is the sanskrit term for ‘goddess’. It is likely that she and Savitri adopted the surname for the same reason, but it is not certain if the reference is intentional.

Vengance Strength Kvlt in Nashville is owned by Sky Lemyng. The gym’s ties to The Wolves of Vinland have already been very    thoroughly    documented. They sell a bunch of merch with Nazi symbols, rep Operation Werewolf clothing, and at least one of their founders is a documented Wolves of Vinland prospect. Fuck these dudes.

Sky Lemyng in an Operation Werewolf tank top

Andrew Lewis aka Andy Redbeard owns and operates Norse Fitness out of Concord North Carolina. He attended the Lupine Equinox conclave in 2019.

Andrew Lewis at the Lupine Equinox Conclave

NOTE: After the publication of this article, Andy disputed our claim that he is the person we have highlighted in the above photo. We have collected more receipts tying Andy to the Wolves and have compiled them HERE.

His gym also uses lots of fashy symbolism and references in their promotional material. They sell lots of items featuring the phrase, ”Abandon Modern Culture”. This is a patently Evolan sentiment, and is a rephrasing of the title of his most famous work, ”Revolt Against The Modern World”. Some of their merch also contains the tyr rune and the valknut, which are both pagan symbols appropriated by white supremacists.


Chapters listed on Wolf Brigade’s website include:

Atlantic Avenue Athletic Club -Toronto, ON- Owner: Matt LaRochelle

Anvil of Crom – Kenai, AK- Owner: Jerem Feltman

Feral S&C – Arcata, CA- Owner: Aimee Jacot

San Benito Strength – Tres Pinos, CA – Owners: Julia & Elliot Vancil

Iron & Blood S&C – Indiana, IN [DEFUNCT]- Owner: Kyle Helsper

Norse Fitness – Concord, NC- Owner: Andrew Cliff Lewis

San Soo Tulsa – Tulsa, OK- Owner: Mike McDougal

Leilah Devi – Portland, OR- Owner: Leah O Deveau aka Leileh Devi

Vengeance – Nashville, TN- Owner: Sky Lemyng

The Sect – Salt Lake City, UT- Owner: Paul Griffith Roberts

(fellow antifascists: we have a fair amount of information about each of owners of each of the gyms below. Please reach out to us if you want it)

NOTE: We recently learned that Station 515 from Michigan had disafilliated from Wolf Brigade prior to the publishing of this article. They cited similar concerns regarding Wolf Brigade’s fascist affiliations. We offer our sincere apologies for the incorrect information.


One of the most insidious ways Fascism spreads is through subculture. It is a way for them to approach people who are already somewhat disillusioned with civil society. They often are able to find converts by disguising their true beliefs until they are able to gain the trust of those they seek to indoctrinate.

Whether in, fitness, heavy metal, motorcycle culture, or punk rock, it is essential that these fascists be stopped at every turn. If you live somewhere Wolf Brigade is operating, we implore you to  join us in shutting them down. Do not allow them to encroach on your communities.