Ben Baker: From High Priest To Proud Boy


Benjamin Baker is a member of the violent nationalist group The Proud Boys, living in Corvallis. He uses the aliases “Angel Cullen”, “Angel Geist Cullen”, “Dashie Derps”, and “Aeonian Isodor”. Ben has issued extreme threats of violence to members of our community. He also has a documented history of stalking, and has also engaged in romantic relationships with children. He poses a legitamate threat to the good people of Corvallis.

Proud Boys:

Ben is a member of the Proud Boys, an SPLC-designated hate group. The organization has been responsible for numerous acts of violence across the country since their inception in 2016. They frequently make alliances with extreme Neo-Nazi groups like the Traditionalist Workers Party, American Guard, and the 211 Bootboys.

Looking like a dweeb in his Proud Boy colors

Corvallis Anti-Socialist:

Ben runs the Facebook page, ‘Corvallis Anti-Socialist’. On it, he posts about going on “Commie Watches”, and his desire to attack local leftist groups. As far as we know, this is all bluster and Ben has never actually done anything beyond posting.

For all his hatred towards it, we’re not even that sure if Ben knows what Socialism is. In one post, he uses a quote where Malcolm X denounces liberalism to prove that leftists aren’t committed to civil rights. The thing about that is…. Malcolm X was an outspoken, radical, socialist. Us Socialists are fundamentally opposed to liberalism to, but it doesn’t seem like Ben has done his reading. Oregon Patriots Militia:

On his Tinder account, Ben claims to be a precinct commander for the Oregon Patriots Militia. Though it postures as a militia, OPM seems to pretty much just be a Facebook group where nearly 500 boomers post incoherent nonsense about Nancy Pelosi being a Maoist or whatever.

However, the group does have some pretty sketchy members. They include: Oregon congressional candidate and KKK associate Joey Nations, wannabe mass murderer Shane Kohfield, noted Portland-mayor-threatener Reggie Axtel, and straight up Neo-Nazi Steven Shallenberger

If you want a full list of Oregon Patriot Militia members, feel free to reach out to us. 😛

Republican Party:

Ben holds elected office within the Republican Party. He’s a PCP (precinct committee person)  in the Benton County GOP.

A screenshot from Ben’s facebook account where he lists his work history.

Ben has also expressed a desire to run for public office in Corvallis.


Ben started the Church of Valoism in 2014. The religion he created seems to be mostly based on Wicca, with a few tweaks. During its existence, Ben’s cult has had a grand total of seven members. We know this because he listed all of the members on the website along with their status within the church. Literally every member besides Ben has either left the faith, or has been ‘blacklisted’.

The Church of Valoism’s website.

We are unsure whether or not Ben, himself, still practices Valoism. He has changed back and forth between religions multiple times. He has also practiced Christianity and Sithism (the uhhhh religion of the Sith from Star Wars…).

Abuse of Women & Children:

Ben has a documented history of preying on underage children. When he was 18, Ben began grooming a 13 year girl. He details the process in a petition where he asks the state of Oregon to change statutory rape laws. He also ran a facebook page dedicated to this end. Ben was confronted by his victim’s father and the police after they learned about his behavior. This didn’t deter him as he later proposed to the child in question. Luckily for his “fiance”, she was able to leave him shortly after.

Ben begs his child fiance to come back to him.

Ben’s affections for underage girls don’t stop there. He has also been banned from Heritage Mall in Albany for selling weed to young girls in hopes of having sex with them. He writes about it in the Facebook post below.

Obviously, we don’t trust cops a bit, but given Ben’s history of abusing minors, we are inclined to believe Hoffman’s assessment.

Later, Ben went on to date other people. He maintained a relationship with another woman for several months before she got wise and left him. Ben responded to this by stalking and harassing her. She was able to get a no contact order, which Ben promptly violated, getting him kicked out of an Oxford House rehab.


Ben constantly threatens his enemies with extreme violence. Most of is threats focus of on his extreme hatred for trans people and Socialists.

In one video, he declares, “How we deal with Socialists” before unloading a magazine into a yard sign for former Corvallis City Council candidate, Paige Kriesman, a trans Jewish woman.

Ben had been our radar for awhile, but he truly became a priority from us when he started threatening a local trans journalist. They reached out to us and showed us some of the threatening twitter DMs they had been receiving from him.

Since it seems like Ben believes this person has some affiliation with us, we want to make it clear that we have absolutely NO relationship with this person outside of having received their tips about Ben.

Ben has also sent threats over twitter to journalist Molly Conger (aka socialistdogmom).

Ben wishes we were manipulating his texts or hacking into his mainframe. In reality, we’re only looking at information he’s posted publicly.


Whether it’s music, poetry, cult leading, or being Proud Boy, Ben isn’t very good at anything he tries. However, he excels in two key areas; being a bigoted asshole and posting cringe on his numerous facebook accounts. Given the prodigious amount of hatred the man produces, we had to break it up into several categories.






Overt Nazi Shit:


Support of other fascist groups:

Ben has a pattern of supporting fascist organizations. In one facebook post, he shared propaganda from Revolt Through Tradition, a white nationalist street fighting crew that models itself after the Rise Above Movement.

On Instagram, Ben posted praise of AntiCom, a Neo-Nazi group that were one of the key organizers of the deadly Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville.

Ben is also a superfan of Anti-Antifa Gear, a Neo-Nazi clothing company. The company sells a lot of merchandise featuring “Anti-Antifa” sentiments. They also sell stuff featuring overtly white supremacist symbols like the sonnenrad and celtic cross.  In a post showing off his haul from the company, he reveals that he ordered a sticker featuring the celtic cross. The symbol is one of the most commonly used by the modern white nationalist movement.

Ben also claims to have affiliation with MarxWatch, an east coast group that works to dox and smear liberals, leftists, and LGBTQ people. The organization has participated in elaborate hoaxes in failed attempts to discredit the left.


Ben is a manager at the 3rd St Corvallis McDonald’s. The location has a policy that allows employees to wear outfits of their choosing on Halloween. For two years in a row, Ben has used the opportunity to express his hateful views. In 2018, he wore a shirt reading, “Socialism is for Fags”, In 2019, he wore his Proud Boys colors (a black & gold Fred Perry polo). It’s pretty surprising that the Corvallis McDonald’s allows behavior like this in their store. Consider giving them a call at 541-754-8050 or fill out this form on their website.

Distinctive Tattoos:

The Many Faces of Ben Baker:


Birthday: 3/17/1996


Employment: Manager @ Corvallis McDonald’s


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