White Nationalist Wannabe Tradwife Working at OHSU

Scarlet Horse (yes, that’s a real name) is a white nationalist based out of Portland, Oregon.

We learned about her when researching the #ReOpenOregon protest on May 2nd. She was the first person to follow Oregonians Uniting for Liberty’s Instagram page. The group was behind the anti-quarantine rally that drew in fascists from across the state.

You can read our article on the #ReOpenOregon protest HERE.

Her account, @TradFuturist is where she posts most of her white nationalist content. She is part of the tradwife movement, which is rooted in white nationalist ideology. Don’t be deceived by her hipstery, muted-color, graphics, the ideology she promotes is incredibly dangerous.

Scarlet constantly references Julius Evola, a fascist philosopher from Italy. Evola is famous for believing Benito Mussolini to not be fascist enough, and his obsession with the Nazi SS. Many of his writings center on traditionalism, rigid gender roles, and European heritage. These values make up the ideological core of the tradwife movement.

Her account is peppered with references to Evola. The bio reads, “Riding The Kali Yuga”. The Kali Yuga is a part of Hinduism that Evola appropriated into his own esoteric belief system. He believed it to be a degenerate dark age that proceeds total societal collapse. The phrase, “Ride The Kali Yuga” is commonly used by modern adherents of Evola as a way to express their mentality and ideology.

She posts about reading Evola’s books, and tags many of her posts with #revoltagainstthemodernworld, the title of Evola’s most famous manifesto.

Scarlet posting about reading The Metaphysics of Sex by Julius Evola.

Scarlet also uses the slogan “Blood And Soil” in many of her other posts. The slogan was popularized by the government of Nazi Germany, and has since been used as a rallying cry for the far right. Neo-Nazi marchers at the deadly Unite The Right rally famously chanted the slogan during the torchlight march before the rally.

Scarlet seems to be a fan of the neo-nazi street fighting crew Revolt Through Tradition, as she posted this graphic to her account. The group’s name, itself, is a reference to Julius Evola’s ideology.

In addition to the above, Scarlet is a spreader of the “white genocide” conspiracy theory, which asserts that Jewish people are secretly behind declining European birthrates and immigration. The conspiracy theory has been a motivator for numerous mass shootings including the Christchurch massacre.

She also runs the account @CascadesUnited where she re-posts fascistic content from other accounts.

Scarlet suffers from Endometriosis (this legitimately sucks for her, but doesn’t excuse her fascism). She has a series of Instagram stories dedicated to her treatment. It was here that we learned that Scarlet runs Rose City Endo, an endometriosis support group  in Portland.

Once we found her connection with Rose City Endo, it was was easy to find Scarlet’s facebook and Linkedin accounts, which mention her employment.

Scarlet works at OHSU (Oregon Health And Science University) as a Health Unit Coordinator. This is obviously extremely problematic.  Scarlet’s fascist ideology means that she cannot be trusted to coordinate treatment for patients of color, LGBTQ+ people, and other minorities. She constantly posts anti-abortion rhetoric. Her extreme dedication to this belief interferes with her ability to provide services to patients considering abortion.

Sacrlet has an entire series of instagram stories dedicated to being anti-abortion

It should be noted that Scarlet has some incredibly questionable takes about COVID-19. In addition to being the first person to follow Oregonians Uniting for Liberty on Instagram, she describes people who self isolate as “entitled little bitches”, and says that those who die from the virus are a “problem” that will be taken care of by natural selection.

Scarlet is a legitimate danger to OHSU’s patients. If you’re concerned with her presence in the hospital, please consider filing a complaint or calling their integrity hotline: 877-733-8313.

We must also discuss the public persona Scarlet presents on facebook. She doesn’t use her account to discuss or reference fascist ideology like she does on Instagram. Instead, she comes off as a typical Trump supporter with a penchant for 2014-hipster aesthetics.

Cringe tbh.

She is intentionally hiding her true ideology in order to infiltrate more mainstream conservative circles, and sway them closer to her own ideology. This is what fascists frequently refer to as “hiding your power level”. It is important to be vigilant of fascists infiltrating spaces this way, especially when they have power over people’s lives.

Thanks to the comrades in Rose City Antifa for their help with this article.



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