Rural Nexion and Militant Ruralism: A Rising Fascist Threat


A gathering of Rural Militants

Militant ruralism is an emerging American fascist tendency that has grown in popularity over the past several years. It is Eco-fascist in nature and emphasizes resistance to industrial society and a return to nature and traditionalism. Unlike more typical Eco-fascists, who tend toward stochastic terrorism, adherents instead focus on controlling remote plots of land, where they can homestead and live off the grid. They also seem to hold occult beliefs and see themselves as preparing for doomsday. From (archive):

There is a great conflict coming beyond anything this world has witnessed in known history. The pre-casual (sic) reverberations of it are rattling through the spirit complex of a new spiritual elite, a high cosmic caste, warrior princes in chrysalises (sic); a pressing impetus toward decisive action Those reverberations are the distant echo of the forge of heroes, outside of time, stamping out mythic form from deep within the earth.

Several Rural Militant compounds have popped up across the country in the past few years. This is especially concerning given the history of neo-Nazis building compounds in America. Between the ’70s and early ’00s, for example, the Aryan Nations ran a compound in Hayden Lake, ID. This compound was instrumental in the formation of terrorist groups like The Order, and provided a gathering place for militant neo-Nazis.

A banner used on

In October of 2018, the domain for was registered, but all of its information was removed before we began looking into the movement. By looking through a few scattered archives, we have been able to piece together some details. The site was run by Donnybrook Farms, a Rural Militant group. Donnybrook used the site to share propaganda, sell merch, and issue challenges to readers. They also published a list of suggested readings that illustrate their ideology. This list includes books ranging from run-of-the-mill fascist tomes like Revolt Against the Modern World and Ecofascism to Ted Kaczynski’s manifesto to instructional books about permaculture and homesteading.



Donnybrook Farms:

Donnybrook Farms logo


Donnybrook Farms is a Rural Militant group based out of Mountain Top, PA. According to their website, it began as a family homestead and expanded into a larger ideological project. They ran a group called the Donnybrook Legion, a collection of individuals who would receive special training from their headquarters. The group asked candidates to apply to become a recognized squad, with the intention of later creating organized fighting forces. From

Potential candidates must be between 18 and 45 years of age and able bodied, be capable and willing to maintain open lines of communication with DBHQ and report regularly, own (or have a realistic plan to own) rural land, adhere and implement the basic standards and SOP’s laid out in the BRK quarterlies and Field Reports, be capable of actively recruiting HSMs (Holy Soil Mercenaries), and dawn the insignia of our Legion (sic)

Donnybrook operated in a semi-public fashion until October 31, 2019, when they began the “Schwerpunkt Campaign” ( Schwerpunkt means primary focus in German). The beginning of the campaign signaled that they would no longer be accepting members into the legion, and that they would begin the removal of their online presence and go underground.

Most of Donnybrook’s posts were authored by by someone using the pseudonym VCTR. We believe these to be pictures of him. We are seeking more details about his identity and affiliations. If you have information about him, please reach out to us at



Rural Nexion:

Rural Nexion is a neo-Nazi compound in Alba, TX. It subscribes to the ideology of militant ruralism, and is closely tied to Donnybrook Farms. Members of the compound are often armed and are serious about their beliefs.


Rural Nexion’s belief system can be sussed out by looking at some of the books they auction off to make money. Most notable among these is Siege by Nazi pedophile James Mason. The book has inspired an entireĀ  “Siegepill” movement, which advocates that Nazis engage in stochastic terrorism with the ambition of creating a race war.

They also sell left hand path satanist literature like Liber Falxifer and The Book of Sitru Achra. The left hand path is an approach to magic that is intended to be more sinister (read: super extra spooky) than other types. This variety of satanism has had a long history of intersecting with neo-Nazi movements and organizations.

One of the most prominent connections between Nazis and satanism is through The Order of Nine Angles, a neo-Nazi satanist group that has deep ties to the Siegepill movement and terrorist groups like Atomwaffen and Sonnenkreig Division. O9A groups are referred to as “Nexions.” While Rural Nexion doesn’t explicitly describe themselves as being associated with Order of Nine Angles, the fact that they blend neo-Nazi politics and satanism while having the word “Nexion” in their name provides compelling evidence that they may be associated.

The Compound:

The compound is fenced off and has a closed-circuit camera system that is used to monitor the perimeter. The residents claim to take security very seriously, and have even posted a video of them “detaining” someone at gunpoint on the edge of the property.


Other photos posted on Rural Nexion’s social media show them pointing guns through the fence, presumably at people they see as intruders.


In addition to these traditional defenses, Rural Nexion’s members also have stuck hogs’ heads on stakes at the edge of the property, and have surrounded the area with “curses.”


The residents communicate with each other via radios, some of which are in their cars.


They frequently discuss security plans on their social media accounts. Ironically enough, them posting about controlling the property’s perimeter is what led us straight to the compound’s location.


The group also has a retrofitted “raid bus.” It features communication equipment and a Donnybrook Farms sign in the back window.

Rural Nexion controls and maintains two pieces of property in Alba. The main location is the one pictured above, and is a fenced off, triangular lot located at the intersection of County Road 1676 and S. FM 17.

An overhead view of the compound from google maps


The other plot of land is located slightly to the Northeast of the first one. It is a ranch that belongs to James Mountfield, one of the compound’s members. The group appears to use the land to raise and butcher cows, chickens, and other livestock.

An overhead view of the ranch from google maps



The compound used to maintain the website for, but it was pulled off the internet before we came across it. Luckily, we were able to find some parts of the website archived. The site was used to fund-raise by selling stickers, posters, and other merchandise. Recently, they have shifted all of their sales to a page on BigCartel.


Nathan Stewart:

Nathan Stewart is the ostensible leader of Rural Nexion, and admins their social media accounts. Online, he uses the handles “WolfNeck” and “Eretznod”. He previously ran a shitty blog under the name “Eretznod” where he posted his (incredibly shallow) musings about life.

Nathan is a tattoo artist and has tattooed most of the compound’s members.


Nathan Stewart should be considered armed and dangerous. He is almost always carrying a gun, and has bragged about illegally carrying firearms across state lines.

Note the Julius Evola book. Evola was a Nazi philosopher who laid the groundwork for esoteric fascism.


Tiana Hall:

Tiana Hall is Nathan Stewart’s partner and they have several children together. Tiana shares Nathan’s fascistic views, and runs a tradwife Instagram account called cabinwifetiana.

Nathan and Tiana’s room ft. a Sonnenrad flag


Jason Gildea :


Jason Gildea is one of the core members of Rural Nexion, and can be seen in many on their group photos.


He is currently employed as a warehouse manager for Tesla.

Jason is in a relationship with Marleigh Sprouse of Muenster, Tx.


James Mountfield:


James Mountfield aka Bobes McGee is one of Rural Nexion’s core members. He is a security technician employed by Ceva Logistics. This is particularly ironic as it was Bobes’s complete lack of security culture and discretion that led to these identifications being made.

James is married to Karen Burgess Mountfield. She is an employee of Robert Chidester bookkeeping.




“Redbeard” is the only key member of Rural Nexion whom we have not identified. We are seeking more information about his identity and affiliations. If you have knowlege about him, please reach out to us at


The militant ruralism movement is particularly concerning because it inspires fascists to take and control territory in areas with little resistance to them. Historically, neo-Nazis have used farms and compounds as locations to plan violent organizing away from prying eyes. The fact that Rural Militants are organizing and building infrastructure should be of major concern. Rural Antifascists must snuff out these groups wherever they pop up, and prevent them from gaining any foothold in our communities.

A note to fellow Antifascists: There is much more to this movement than we are able to cover here. If you are interested about learning about militant ruralism in your area, reach out to us at

More details about Rural Nexion and their members can be found at: