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White Lives Matter 4/11

White Lives Matter 4/11

On Sunday 4/11, White Nationalists are expected to mobilize in a “White Lives Matter” march in several cities across the country. This event was organized on Telegram and was widely circulated in White Supremacist circles on beginning in late March. We have obtained logs from the, “ADMINS OF WLM ZONE” chat, where individual march leaders […]

Biome Erickson and FreeJaCo: Hippie Nazis Run Amok

Biome Erickson and FreeJaCo: Hippie Nazis Run Amok

NOTE: This is piece is published in collaboration with our comrades Rose City Antifa. This article is a followup to their recent piece entitled, “Biome Erickson and Gregg Marchese – Southern Oregon Neo-Nazis Use COVID-denialism to Radicalize and Recruit” from earlier this week.  We highly suggest readers check out that article before this one for […]

Volksfront music festival flyer advertising Paul's former band "Immortal Pride"

COMMUNITY ALERT: Paul Bonnen and Vinland Elite Productions

  Extreme CW: Child Molestation, Rape, Racism, Self Mutilation,  etc. Paul Bonnen is a National Socialist Black Metal Musician(NSBM) who is organizing in Corvallis and other towns in the mid-Willamette valley. Paul is a longtime fixture in the Oregon Nazi metal scene. Most recently he has played in the band “Xenocide” under the name Kulturkampf […]

Bartholomew Degeneffe

COMMUNITY ALERT: Safeway Nazis Ben Baker and Bartholomew Degeneffe

 Benjamin Baker and Bartholomew “Bart” Degeneffe are Fascists organizing in Corvallis. We have published articles about each of them in the past. This article features new and updated information regarding both of them. For this reason, we highly suggest reading each of those pieces for context. The original articles can be found here: Ben […]