Biome Erickson and FreeJaCo: Hippie Nazis Run Amok

NOTE: This is piece is published in collaboration with our comrades Rose City Antifa. This article is a followup to their recent piece entitled, “Biome Erickson and Gregg Marchese – Southern Oregon Neo-Nazis Use COVID-denialism to Radicalize and Recruit” from earlier this week.  We highly suggest readers check out that article before this one for context.

Keith Michael Erickson better known as, “Biome Erickson” is a longtime antisemite and neo-Nazi organizer from Ashland, Oregon. Biome initially rose to prominence in the city as a frequent independent political candidate in the early 2010’s. His runs were largely symbolic and were seen as an amusing sideshow a-la Hunter S. Thompson. At the time, his politics were not particularly vile. He espoused crunchy hippie rhetoric, and advocated against mass media. He was viewed as a harmless joke by a majority of the community, and was even profiled by Comedy Central in a segment regarding silly political candidates.

Biome in 2012, before becoming a public neo-Nazi


Through the 2010’s, Biome’s politics morphed into something significantly darker. In 2013, he began producing his own community television show, “Constitutional Republic Now!” through Rogue Valley Community Television. His radicalization can be tracked by episode titles evolving from “GMO free Jackson County” to “Repeat After Me, ‘Zionist Hijack Of America'”. Rogue Valley Community Television continued to support Biome with invitations to “Producer Appreciation Night” in 2016.

A Photograph posted to Facebook by Rogue Valley Community Television in 2013.


Gregg Marchese has long been Biome’s partner in racist organizing. Originally an anti-vaxxer and anti-GMO activist, he was drawn into the world of antisemitic conspiracy theories and later became a full blown Nazi. In December 2018, Gregg and Biome were banned from a synagogue in Ashland after they harassed attendees of a discussion regarding the rise of antisemitism.

Biome disrupting a discussion about rising antisemitism in Ashland


In response to the pandemic, Biome, Gregg, and several other friends created a telegram group called FreeJaCo (short for Jackson County) with the intent of radicalizing COVID-19 deniers to adopt racist politics. They viewed this as an opportunity for them to replicate their on paths of radicalization from woo-wee hippies to genocidal neo-Nazis.

At first, it may may seem somewhat strange that there is intersection between these ideologies. However, the history of links between holistic hippie culture and Nazism are far more prominent than the average observer may realize. Esotericism and conspiricism have been key parts of Nazi ideology dating back to Fascism’s rise in the early 1900’s, when lies about German Jews controlling the economy blended with a re-popularization of occult spirituality. This lead to the creation and perpetuation of numerous outlandish conspiracies about Jewish control of the media, government, and society as a whole.

In the years since World War II, these conspiracies have remained ever-present, but have been warped in strange and insidious ways. This is the reason so many meme-y theories about lizard people, 9/11, and George Soros almost always end up being thinly-veiled antisemitism. This can be seen really clearly in the All Gas No Brakes video where Andrew visits a flat earth convention. He goes expecting to find harmless goofballs, but is instead confronted with a world extreme antisemitism and hate.

Conspiracy theories like these have been ever present within the New Age movement, which now is deeply tied to COVID-denial, anti-vaccination, and other assorted nonsense. We aren’t claiming that everyone involved in New Age spirituality is a secret neo-Nazi, but many adherents, like Biome and Gregg, are drawn to antisemitism through the movement. In the following screenshots from another Telegram channel entitled, “Make America Fascist Again”, Biome discusses his intention to redpill normies via COVID-denial.


During the summer of 2020, FreeJaCo began organizing in earnest. They coordinated mass testimonials at Jackson County Commissioner meetings, and began attending protests. A more complete timeline of the group’s activities during this time can be found in the Rose City Antifa articles in this series.

Biome testifying at a County Commissioner meeting in a video uploaded by Kevin Goodrich


The group’s actions drew the ire of Ashland residents who began confronting them in the streets and eventually at one of their meetings in Lithia park. The confrontation is documented in a video by Sailor Boy Media, an Ashland-based documentary film-making group. Ashland Anti-Conspiritualists attempt to hand attendees of the meeting flyers about the Nazi organizing history of Biome and Gregg Marchese. FreeJaCo members begin shouting at, physically threatening, and coughing on the activists.



The following are members of the FreeJaCo chat. Not all of these individuals are neo-Nazis like Biome and Gregg. However, they all pose significant danger to their community and Oregon as a whole.

Kevin Goodrich:


Kevin Goodrich aka Kevin Gee aka, “Colorblind Justice” is a boomer antisemite and conspiracy theorist from Central Point, Oregon. He has been active in southern Oregon conservative circles since the Tea Party, and is a longtime associate of state senator and Republican party treasurer Dennis Linthicum. In one 2014 video posted to Facebook, the pair can be seen having a friendly discussion regarding states rights and the dissolution of the federal government.

A screenshot from Linthicum’s conversation with Goodrich. Full video is available upon request


It is interesting to note that Linthicum is also Facebook friends Gregg Marchese. Like many of the neo-Nazis profiled in this piece, the Senator has a long history in the anti-vax movement. In one video, posted to Youtube by Kevin Goodrich, Linthicum can be seen speaking at an anti-vax conference in Medford in 2019.


Kevin runs the website where he posts about conspiracy nonsense and his love for the State of Jefferson, a secessionist movement that aims to make a new US state out of Northern California and Southern Oregon. He often posts antisemitic content and is a believer in the New World Order conspiracy theory.


His posts in FreeJaCo aren’t much better. He reveals a deep hatred for Black Lives Matter and Black people in general.


Goodrich owns, an independent distributor for AMSOIL. Please reach out to AMSOIL and ask why they’re working with this fascist.


Julian Feldman and Tarah Green:


Julian Feldman and Tarah Green are a cringey trustafarian Anarcho-Capitalist couple from Ashland, Oregon. Anarcho-Capitalism is a bastardized version of Anarchism that is frequently associated with white supremacy. The tendency is dismissed and disparaged by nearly every self-respecting real Anarchist.

Tarah goes by, “Omens of Alchemy” online. She sells Tarot readings and other spiritual services using that name. She runs a youtube channel that features the couple traveling across the country to various hippie-centric destinations. One video features the couple promoting 9/11 conspiracy theories at ground zero on the 18th anniversary of the attacks. Another shows them attending and interviewing participants in the God Guns and Liberty rally in Eugene, a homophobic right wing counter-protest of Eugene’s Pride celebration.

Like many of his cringey AnCap brethren, Julian is a full blown cryptocurrency dork. He posts about bitcoin and crypto trends under the name TheCryptoNecter. It is somewhat ironic that these eco-conscious hippies are so into Bitcoin given that mining the currency wastes as much electricity as is consumed by the entire country of Argentina.

In 2019, the couple preformed at a Politicon event hosted by Christina Tobin, the organizer leader of the Free and Equal Elections Foundation.


When confronted by Ashland Anti-Conspiritualists, both Tarah and Julian threaten the videographer, and Tarah assaults them by coughing on them. After her assault fails to dissuade the activist, she gathers the group together in a hand-holding circle with the intention to ward them off.

The group holding hands in a circle


The couple is currently living off the grid near Jacksonville, Oregon. They have been known to stay and host events at Alpha Farm, a hippie intentional community in Deadwood, Oregon.


Sonia Novik:

Sonia Novik aka “Sonic Nova” is a self-described. “Psychic, Medium, Medical Intuitive, and Relationship Expert” operating in Ashland, Oregon. She is one of FreeJaCo’s most 〰️creative〰️ conspiracy theorists. She issues wild claims such as Oregon’s wildfires being started by deep state energy weapons and that the UN is working replace county sheriffs with robots. She also believes in the antisemitic New World Order conspiracy theory.

Sonia testified at several Jackson County board of commissioners meetings about her anti-mask position. She also claims to have spoken with the Jackson County Sheriff regarding not enforcing the Governor’s mask mandate.


Zach OBrien:

Zachary Obrien is a self-described Christian Fascist based in Williams, Oregon. His is a genocidal antisemite and all-around piece of shit. In the FreeJaCo channel, he states that the 3rd Reich was a justified reaction to Jewish people’s existence. At one point he also requests the names and addresses of OSHA employees, presumably with the intent of doing them harm.  Zach is so repugnant that he eventually got pushed out of the Telegram channel for bullying other members.

Across social media, he uses the handles zorbacci and zorbaccio, which he uses to post generally gross and biggoted shit.


Gia Radoias:

Ligia “Gia” Radoias is the owner of Melange, a bougie vegan restaurant in Medford, Oregon. The FreeJaCo group began meeting at Melange because of an anti-lockdown flyer posted on the restaurant’s door. They met Gia and later welcomed her into the group chat where she would gradually become one of the most extreme members. At one point, she even suggests that the group murder Oregon Governor Kate Brown.

By running her restaurant in unsafe ways and collaborating with violent neo-Nazis, Gia has significantly endangered the community of Medford. We ask concerned readers to leave a review on their Yelp or Trip Advisor profiles to spread the word about the harm they are causing.


William G. Soura III:

William Gary Soura III aka Vasily Sora is a Eastern Orthodox fundamentalist from Grant’s Pass, Oregon. Online, he uses the handle khronosschoty under which he works as an open source dev. He briefly ran a blog entitled “The Guardians of Piety” where he wrote about theology.

On Facebook, Soura expresses Confederate sympathies, and posts white supremacist messages.


Jacob Cox:

Jacob Cox was one of the first members of the FreeJaco chat, and was one of its most prolific posters. Like his friend Julian, Jacob is a crypto dork who uses the online handles infinitechaos and infinitechaos777. Like many, he expressed belief in various conspiracies, and organized some of the group’s actions. He is a former resident of Talent, Oregon until his house burned down during this summer’s wildfires. Cox and his family are currently staying in Piedmont, Georgia with extended family.


Tam Masdon:

Tam Masdon is COVID-denier from Ashland, Oregon. She can be seen in the aforementioned Sailor Boy Media video confronting and harassing the antifascist activists. Later in the video, she can be seen comforting Biome and touching his shoulder.


Despite her collaboration with neo-Nazis, Tam appears to be somewhat active within the Southern Oregon LGBTQ+ community. We highly suggest that this community keep their spaces safe and remove Tam from any spaces she’s a part of.



Residents of Ashland Oregon, we ask you to continue to make these people unwelcome in your community. We want to express our deep thanks and appreciation to everyone who’s been fighting back against these Fascists on a local level, and we hope more join them. It is important to push back against hatred wherever it arises, whatever the circumstances.

If you have further information or questions regarding the subjects of this article, please contact us at or Rose City Antifa at Rose City Antifa will be back next week with the third and final installment in this series.

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