Luke Winchester-Kenna: Militant Ruralism in NY State


Luke Winchester-Kenna is a pagan neo-Nazi operating in Gloversville, New York. He is affiliated with several fascist movements and formations we have previously covered on this blog including Operation Werewolf, Wolf Brigade Gym,  and Militant Ruralism. We highly encourage you to check out the linked pieces as well as others we have authored on those subjects to get a better understanding of the world in which Kenna exists.


Connections to Denver Shooter:

On 12/27/21 a white supremacist named Lyndon McLeod murdered Alicia Cardenas, Alyssa Gunn-Maldonado, Michael Swinyard, Daniel Schofield, and Sarah Steck in Denver, Colorado. He premeditated these acts in a book he authored called, “Sanction.”

We are authoring this article in response to this murder. Initially, we did not consider Kenna a particularly important figure. However, his proximity and overall similarity to the murderer motivated us to write this piece. We have a frank and honest fear that Kenna could commit similar acts of violence, and feel it is our duty to provide a public warning to the people of upstate New York.

Luke and the shooter were mutuals on Instagram, and frequently interacted each other’s posts. They existed in very similar online circles and followed many of the same people. Like the murderer, Luke is a writer who constantly feels the need to plug his writings in the comments sections of more established Fascist figures. The pair both have significant associations with the Wolves of Vinland, a racist cult which which we will discuss more throughout this article.

A post from the Denver shooter showing the WoV chapter in his book. (Note that the post is liked by Kenna)


In Sanction, McLeod has an entire chapter entitled, “Wolves of Vinland.” The book features dialogues between the author’s self-insert character and Wolves members Paul and Matthias Waggener and former member Jack Donovan. He was also a guest on Donovan’s podcast where the pair discussed his book.

The search engine preview for Donovan’s (now deleted) interview with the shooter


Luke is also significantly associated with the Wolves of Vinland. He was a member of their feeder group, Operation Werewolf (OPWW), and similarly much of his work focuses on the Wolves.


The most concerning similarity between the two men is the complete violence and hatred of their rhetoric. The shooter’s writings acted as a map for his murders, it is more than possible that Luke’s may do the same. This should not be taken lightly. These words may all too quickly become actions.


Militant Ruralism:

We profiled the Militant Ruralism movement in an earlier article entitled “Rural Nexion and Militant Ruralism: A Rising Fascist Threat.” Militant Ruralism is an Ecofascist movement that emphasizes resistance to industrial society and a return to nature and traditionalism. Its adherents are interested in creating rural strongholds to prepare for a coming apocalypse.

A banner image used on the now-defunct Militant Ruralism website


Rural Nexion is a compound located in Alba, Texas associated with the Militant Ruralism movement. The group behind the compound are hardcore satanist neo-Nazis, who filmed themselves pointing guns at passersby along their property line and engaging in ritual animal sacrifice.


Rural Nexion maintained a telegram server for like minded individuals to discuss the logistics of building compounds and other miscellaneous neo-Nazi bullshit. Luke was a frequent poster in this channel, and plugged his writings for his fellow Nazis to read.


He also discussed the logistics of buying and creating defensible property in the vein of Rural Nexion with the group’s leader Nathan Stewart (TOOTH PICKIN) and other members.

After we exposed Rural Nexion in August of 2020, Kenna renamed his Telegram account to LtWK and alerted all its members to our villainous deeds.

We are making the logs from this telegram channel public to Antifascists and journalists who research the far-right. If you are interested in accessing them, please reach out to us at


Wolf Brigade Gym:

In December of 2019, we wrote an article entitled “Wolf Brigade and Greg Walsh: Hipster Gym Nazis Fuck Off.” The article detailed the connections between Wolf Brigade Gym in Rochester, New York and Operation Werewolf, of which Kenna was a member.

Wolf Brigade owner Greg Walsh posing with OPWW founder Paul Waggener


Winchester-Kenna attended the gym and frequently made social media posts extolling the gym’s virtues and the wisdom of it’s founder, Greg Walsh. He was at the gym’s 2019, 2020, and 2021 “convergences” and has received a challenge coin from Greg.


In the wake of our initial article on Wolf Brigade, Greg Walsh fallaciously claimed that his gym did not tolerate Nazis despite numerous pieces of evidence to the contrary. For that reason we want to include the following two posts just to illustrate how laughably false Greg’s claims are. In one, Kenna posts a picture of a swastika necklace he got atop several Wolf Brigade stickers. In the other, he waxes poetic about Nazi revolution and quotes Fascist philosopher Julius Evola, whilst comparing himself to characters depicted in a piece of shitty art Wolf Brigade constantly uses in their branding.


Operation Werewolf:

Luke Winchester-Kenna was a member of Operation Werewolf. OPWW was a white supremacist group started by Paul Waggener as a feeder group for Wolves of Vinland. Waggener claimed the group disbanded at the beginning of 2021. However, in our experience monitoring members, it is apparent that many are still repping the group publicly, and many OPWW formations have continued their activity unabated. Kenna’s association with the group can be traced at least back to 2017.



Tyr Tactical Training:

Winchester-Kenna runs a self defense and “primitive” survival skills training business named Tyr Tactical Training located at 8 South Main Street Gloversville, New York​. Tyr  is a norse pagan rune appropriated by the Nazi SS  that is frequently used by neo-Nazis today.

Luke offers various trainings and services through Tyr Tactical, such as self defense, weapons training, bushcraft survival, and exercise training. One notable aspect of his services is the “BASIC WEAPONS TRAINING” that appears on the online store. The image for the listing is a man dressed in tactical gear wearing the insignia of Misanthropic Division, a National Socialist network that operates within the Azov Battalion, a state sanctioned Ukrainian neo-Nazi militia. The poster says “Prepare for Ragnarok”, the mythological Norse apocalypse that many pagan Fascists associate with a coming race war.


Kenna is a licensed guide with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (license #8660). Tyr Tactical Training uses this status in their marketing. We highly suggest readers reach out to the New York Specialty Licenses Unit at 518-402-8985 and and ask why they are licensing a neo-Nazi intent on creating civil war.


Further Receipts:

If everything we discussed above didn’t prove to you that Luke is a Nazi scumbag, here’s a brief overview of the shit he posts publicly.


LOTS of straight-up swastikas:

Total War:

Kenna has an acceleration position and constantly advocates for total war. This rhetoric is reminiscent of that of Atomwaffen Division and similar accelerationist terror groups.

Excerpts of antisemitic conspiracy ramblings:


Idolization of Charles Manson:

For those unaware, Manson has long been an inspiration for neo-Nazi terrorists like Atomwaffen Division. It is also worth noting that the Colorado shooter quoted Charles Manson at the beginning of the 10th chapter of his book.



Luke is married to Raven Winchester-Kenna the owner of, “Freya’s Forest Crystal & Plant Luxury Boutique” a hippie New Age trinket shop located at 43-47 North Main Street Gloversville, New York. Some may be disarmed by her hippie appearance, but she shares her husband’s Nazi ideology. We think it’s important to remind readers that New Age spaces can often be breeding grounds for neo-Nazism. If you are interested in learning more about that subject, we highly recommend checking out our recent article, Biome Erickson and Free JaCo: Hippie Nazis run Amok.

On Christmas day, Raven posted a video of Adolph Hitler on Facebook.

On The shop’s wall they proudly display a Sonnenrad flag. The Sonnenrad, or Black Sun, is a norse-pagan symbol appropriated by the Nazi SS. It appears in many to the previously used images in this article.


Calls To Action:

-If you have connections with individuals or groups in Gloversville or upstate New York, please contact them to give them a heads up about these dangerous neo-Nazis living and working in their area. Please also share this article on Gloversville social media pages to make sure the community gets to see it!

-Please reach out to the New York Specialty Licenses Unit at 518-402-8985 and and ask why they are licensing a neo-Nazi connected to mass murder.

-Donate to the fundraisers linked below.

-Let BigCartel know that a neo-Nazi group, Tyr Tactical Training, is using their services at



We dedicate this article to the victims of the Denver shooting: Alicia Cardena, Alyssa Gunn-Maldonado, Michael Swinyard, Daniel Schofield, and Sarah Steck. Mcleod’s actions show the violent consequences of hypermasculine, neo-Nazi, occultism. He developed his plans and beliefs with the support of a community of far-right extremists; he is not an anomaly. Kenna’s fraternizing and open association with Mcleod in the same communities make him a similar threat.

We encourage you to honor the victims by taking action in response. Learn about the ecosystem that gives rise to fascists like Mcleod, learn about associates of his such as Kenna, and intervene in the structures that give them resources to continue organizing. Kenna, his wife, and others they organize with do more than propagate their toxic ideology; they encourage violence and put people in real danger. While we sincerely hope this never happens again, until we eliminate fascist ideologies from our midst, these grievous events will continue to occur.

We also want to amplify fundraising campaigns for the families of the victims. We mourn their loss.







Due to the publishing constraints of this platform, we are to include all the information we would like. Luke’s address and other information may be found HERE.