Justin Laks & JT’s Jiu Jitsu: White Nationalist murderer teaching Vancouver kids

Justin “JT” Laks is a White Supremacist murderer residing in Vancouver, Washington. He owns and operates JT ‘s Jiu Jitsu, a mobile martial arts training company that teaches children as young as three years old. Laks started this business in June of 2021, shortly after his release from prison for a first-degree murder he committed in 1995. Laks and his friend Lars Snow murdered Pedro Sabando, an unarmed security guard on shift, in Lynnwood Washington. Snow lured Sabando out of a trailer and Laks killed him by repeatedly smashing the back of his head with a glass bottle. The pair plead guilty in June of 1996.


Since Justin’s release he has started teaching Jiu Jitsu to children and teenagers. He runs the company JT’s Jiu Jitsu out of his home at 13313 NE 52nd in Vancouver, WA. Under the guise of training, Justin frequently takes groups of teenage girls on hikes in the woods without adult supervision. Given Justin’s past, and the Nazi associations we will detail throughout this article, we sincerely encourage Vancouver parents not to allow Justin near their kids.

JT’s logo features 2 wolves in a yin yang style with a sonnenrad in place of one of the dots. The sonnenrad, or black sun, is a Germanic Pagan symbol appropriated by Hitler and the Nazi SS. It is one of the most common symbols used by modern neo-Nazis in place of the Swastika.


Justin is also a member of Emerge Jiu Jitsu in Vancouver, WA and competes in organized matches wearing their uniform. At the 2021 Subleague Open, he brought a group of friends to watch him compete. Among these friends is Mason Johnson, an apprentice Folkbuilder within the Asatru Folk Assembly, a White Nationalist pagan religious group with deep ties to Nazi skinheads.

This is not the only instance in which Justin has openly fraternized with Neo-Nazis. He also hangs out with Joshua Cache McCallum, one of the leaders of PNW Wolfpack, who has previously been exposed by Chehalis River Antifascist Social Support. PNW Wolfpack is a SPLC designated hate group with ties to several neo-Nazi prison gangs including Hakenkreuz Skinheads. Associates of the Wolfpack have been implicated in stabbing attacks and other violent crimes. In this picture, Justin can be seen posing with McCallum while he prominently displays one of his several Swastika tattoos.


Justin is friends with several other PNW Wolfpack members on Facebook including Alena and Chris Mack, a pair of neo-Nazis working to indoctrinate young children. Alena can be seen in the photo below seig heiling with a group of kids wearing PNW Wolfpack shirts.

Photo via Eugene Antifa

Justin’s friends aren’t the only ones with bad tattoos. He has an iron cross tattoo over his heart. The iron cross is a German military award used  by the Nazis. It is frequently used by White Supremacists, but is also used in non-Fascist subcultural contexts. Given Justin’s associations, we believe his tattoo fits in the former category.


Like many other Fascists, Justin can also be seen posting covid denial/ anti mask sentiments on his Instagram encouraging people to get together and “fuck social distancing”, and go into places of business unmasked and harass employees trying to do their job and uphold state mask mandates with a Facebook copy and paste “know your rights” flyer. His business also does not appear to follow state mask regulations.

In addition to his Jiu Jitsu business, Justin is the current president of the Clark College re-entry club, a club that helps former prison inmates enter society. The neo-Nazi groups Justin is connected to work closely with prison gangs, and often provide members support when they leave jail. We think it is highly probably Justin is using this club as a means to get former prison Nazis jobs. While we do believe that nobody should be in prison, and that re-entry club is a positive thing, we are concerned that Justin will use his position to bring more people into White Supremacist spaces, and get more of them jobs in our communities.



We have several action items to help keep Justin away from kids. We ask our readers to do the following to help keep Vancouver safe:

-Make the Vancouver community aware. Share this article on social media and with any one you know who may be living in the area!

-Leave reviews on Facebook, Yelp, and Google letting potential customers know about Justin’s associations and history.

-Contact Emerge Jiu Jitsu (541-558-3050) and ask them why they are letting Justin compete under their banner.

– Contact Clark College (360-699-6398) and let them know that the president of their re-entry club is actively using fascist imagery in his professional and personal life, and frequently fraternizes with active White Supremacists.