A picture frome Rose City Endo's account featuring Scarlet's name and birthday

White Nationalist Wannabe Tradwife Working at OHSU

Scarlet Horse (yes, that’s a real name) is a white nationalist based out of Portland, Oregon. We learned about her when researching the #ReOpenOregon protest on May 2nd. She was the first person to follow Oregonians Uniting for Liberty’s Instagram page. The group was behind the anti-quarantine rally that drew in fascists from across the […]

#ReOpenOregon Rally's  Ties to White Supremacy

#ReOpenOregon Rally’s Ties to White Supremacy

Oregonians Uniting for  Liberty is an organization dedicated to re-opening America during the COVID-19 crisis. It is a part of a larger trend of astroturfed rallies that have happened across the country in the midst if the Corona virus epidemic. On May 2nd, they are planning to protest closures due to COVID-19. This is, obviously […]

Ben Baker: From High Priest To Proud Boy

Ben Baker: From High Priest To Proud Boy

Intro: Benjamin Baker is a member of the violent nationalist group The Proud Boys, living in Corvallis. He uses the aliases “Angel Cullen”, “Angel Geist Cullen”, “Dashie Derps”, and “Aeonian Isodor”. Ben has issued extreme threats of violence to members of our community. He also has a documented history of stalking, and has also engaged […]

Greg Walsh, owner of Wolf Brigade Gym, training Neo-Nazis at the Lupine Equinox Conclave

Wolf Brigade & Greg Walsh: Hipster Gym Nazis Fuck Off

Wolf Brigade is a Gym located in Rochester, New York, with at least 10 other affiliated gyms across the US and Canada. It is owned and operated by Greg Walsh. On its face, it looks like any other hipster Crossfit facility. It’s edgy aesthetics & Greg’s tyler-durden-wannabe ramblings have garnered a large instagram following, and […]

Sean Wulfe McCann: American Guard's Largest Lad

Sean Wulfe McCann: American Guard’s Largest Lad

We are continuing our series of articles revealing members of the American Guard. This article details Sean McCann, the president of the organization’s Utah chapter. Sean lives in Sandy, Utah, with his wife and two young sons. The American Guard is a group the Anti-Defamation League  describes as “Hardcore White Supremacists”. The organization was founded […]

Dave on his radio show

‘Coach’ Dave Daubenmire and Pass The Salt Ministries:

Intro: “Coach” David Daubenmire, and his church, Pass The Salt Ministry, first came across our radar in June of 2019, when they came to Albany Oregon to disrupt a Pride celebration. There, church members physically and verbally assaulted several of the pride attendees, including young children. It was after this incident that we learned about […]

Joshua Long: American Guard's Worst Liar

Joshua Long: American Guard’s Worst Liar

  Joshua Long is the vice president of the American Guard and is a member of the Proud Boys. He lives on a ranch in Moore, Idaho, with his wife, Kasey Long and three young daughters. Joshua is one of the co-founders of the American Guard, and he acts as the group’s vice president. The […]

Valerie & Chris Moody: American Guard's (White) Power Couple

Valerie & Chris Moody: American Guard’s (White) Power Couple

Valerie and Chris Moody are members of the Utah Chapter of American Guard. On August 17th of 2019, they traveled across the county to Portland Oregon to participate in Joe Biggs’ ill fated “End Domestic Terrorism” rally. It is safe to assume that the group came to Portland with the express intention of engaging Oregonians […]

Bartholomew discussing which Facebook groups are most vulnerable to infiltration, as well as disclosing personal info of moderators.

White Nationalist “Bart” Degeneffe Infiltrating Corvallis Conservatives

WHITE NATIONALIST AND NAZI SYMPATHIZER IN THE CORVALLIS, OR AREA! Bartholomew “Bart” Degeneffe is a self-described white nationalist living in Corvallis. He is a close friend of Andrew Oswalt, the well-known Nazi that served on the OSU student government and was charged with a hate crime last year. Bartholomew spends his free time harassing local […]


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